Lamistard's Tunnels
Lamistard's Tunnels
Release date 21 July 2009 (Update)
Kingdom Troll Country
Members Yes
Main music Lamistard's Labyrinth
Levels 1
Strongest monster None
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here The Curse of Arrav
Inhabitants Uninhabited
Lamistard's Tunnels map
Lamistard's tunnel's entrance

The entrance to the tunnels.

Lamistard's tunnels are a series of artificial tunnels located underneath Zemouregal's fort. They are visited during The Curse of Arrav quest. They were created by the Mahjarrat Lamistard, in an attempt to hide underneath the Ritual site. This was similar to how Jhallan hid inside the natural caves under the ritual site in the Fremennik Province. Eventually, Lamistard accidentally burrowed into the cellar of Zemouregal's fort, where Zemouregal captured him and kept him prisoner until he was sacrificed at the 16th Ritual.

Getting There

Lamistard's Tunnels entrance location

The entrance to the tunnels.

The only entrance to the tunnels is on the eastern side of Trollweiss Mountain. The quickest way to get there is to use either a Trollheim Teleport or a God Wars Dungeon Teleport. Then, make your way to the northwestern path, just west of the boulder that leads to the God Wars Dungeon. You then go through Trollweiss Dungeon past some aggressive ice trolls. You will arrive on top of Trollweiss mountain where you should head straight east to reach the tunnels.

Curse of Arrav

During Curse of Arrav, the tunnels have experienced some recent cave-ins, and the rubble must be cleared, requiring level 64 Mining, in order to navigate them. Larger pieces of rubble must be cleared from multiple sides. Tablets detailing Lamistard's experience while digging the tunnels can be found in four stone types: granite, shale, slate, and stone. The tunnels can be used to access Zemouregal's fort.

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