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This is the quick guide for Land of the Goblins.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Land of the Goblins icon
Speak to Grubfoot in the Dorgeshuun mines.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
Official lengthLong
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
  • 37 Herblore Herblore
  • Ability to kill five foes up to level 36
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat

Land of the Goblins

  • Talk to Grubfoot in the Dorgeshuun Mines. (Chat 23)


  • With Grubfoot following, enter Dorgesh-Kaan using the door to the south and head north-west where Oldak is.
    • Dismiss any familiar or Grubfoot won't follow you.
  • In the north-west room, talk to Zanik. (Chat 332~11)

You not a Goblin!

Items needed: 1 Vial, 1 toadflax potion (unf), 1 goblin mail
  • Head north-west to the temple entrance, blocked by two goblin guards.
  • Pick a black mushroom east of the stairs, right click Grind on the mushroom with an empty vial in your inventory.
  • Talk to the guards as they will allow Zanik to pass.
  • Talk to the Makeover Mage south-west of Falador. (Chat 513)
  • Use the pharmakos berries on an unfinished toadflax potion.
  • Head to the goblin cave (just north of the Ardougne lodestone).


Unequip any items and dismiss any followers.
  • In front of the goblin guards, drink the goblin potion (pick any goblin appearance).
  • Climb down the entrance. (Chat 11)
  • North, sitting on his throne, talk to the High Priest. (Chat 111)
  • Take the quiz. (Chat 1122212)
  • After the quiz, ask about Yu'biusk. (Chat 125)
  • Dye your goblin mail black with the mushroom ink.
  • Wear the black goblin mail and go in the north-east room.
  • Pickpocket the priest for a key.
  • Talk to Zanik in the prison cell. (Chat 4)
  • Search the crate in the room, talk to Zanik. (Chat 1)


Items needed: 5 Coins, 1 Black goblin mail, 1 Raw slimy eel
  • Leave the cave.
  • Talk to Aggie in Draynor Village. (Chat 524)
  • Teleport to Seer's Village and head south to the Fishing Contest area in Hemenster. (Chat 3)
  • Catch a whitefish.
  • Return back to Aggie. (Chat 5141)

Macabre crypt

Unequip any items and dismiss any followers.
  • Go back to the goblin temple entrance, take a sip of your goblin potion, and equip your white goblin mail.
  • Steal the white key from the priest in the room west of the temple.
    • Remove the goblin mail to leave the room quicker.
  • Repeat the operation of stealing keys, dying your mail in the following order:
    1. Yellow (north-west)
    2. Purple (south-west)
    3. Orange (south-east)
    4. Blue (east)

Prepare for battle

Recommended: Switch your combat mode to legacy to optimise damage dealt.
In the event your character interrupts dialogue with any of the goblins, simply switch your action bar to one without any usable abilities.
  • Enter the crypt (large door north of the temple).
  • Use the Say-name option on each of the graves. After killing them, talk to them. (Chat 114)
    1. South-west: Snothead
    2. South-east: Snailfeet
    3. North-west: Mosschin
    4. North-east: Redeyes
    5. North: Strongbones (ignore his skeleton minions)
  • Leave the room (you will be thrown out).

Home portal

  • Return to Dorgesh-Kaan and speak with Zanik in the north-west.
  • With a light source, head to the south end of Dorgesh-Kaan to the agility course.
    • Head to the fairy ring under the agility course, or use the code AJQ.
  • Talk to Zanik, then Oldak.
  • Click on the machines next to Oldak, use combination 9-4-1, activate the machine.
  • Open the strange box in the northwestern part of Yu'biusk for a cutscene.
  • Continue dialogue with Oldak.
  • Quest complete!


Land of the Goblins reward
Music unlocked
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