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Lantadyme seed detail

Lantadyme seeds can be planted in a herb patch in order to produce grimy lantadymes. This requires a Farming level of 73.

Lantadyme seeds can be obtained as a monster drop, by pickpocketing Master Farmers, obtained in the Crystal Chest or bought from the Vinesweeper minigame for 7500 points each.

Lantadyme seed
Farming level 73
Patch Herb
Payment N/A
Time 80 minutes (4x20 minutes)
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 134.5
Harvesting 151.5
Crop Grimy lantadyme
Yield[?] Unknown edit

The following table shows the profit yield, assuming all the herbs and seeds are purchased/sold at the Grand Exchange, for the guide price. If the herb dies, you will lose -335 coins.

Herb yield Profit/loss (Grimy) Profit/loss (Clean) Herb yield Profit/loss (Grimy) Profit/loss (Clean)
1 3,490 3,699 7 26,440 27,903
2 7,315 7,733 8 30,265 31,937
3 11,140 11,767 9 34,090 35,971
4 14,965 15,801 10 37,915 40,005
5 18,790 19,835 11 41,740 44,039
6 22,615 23,869 12 45,565 48,073

Supercompost yields a minimum of 5 herbs.

Healthy Lantadyme plant
Stage Description Image
1 The lantadyme seed has only just been planted. GreenHerb1
2 The herb is now ankle height. GreenHerb2
3 The herb is now knee height. GreenHerb3
4 The herb is now mid-thigh height. GreenHerb4
5 The herb is fully grown and ready to harvest. GreenHerb5


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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
AnkouN/A1Very rare
Ankou (elite)721Very rare
Aquanite (elite)1041Rare
Automaton GeneratorN/A1Uncommon
Automaton GuardianN/A1Uncommon
Automaton TracerN/A1Uncommon
Barrows: Rise of the SixN/A6–10Common
Cave horror (elite)861Uncommon
Chaos ElementalN/A1Rare
Chaos dwogreN/A1Uncommon
Cockroach soldierN/A1Very rare
Columbarium keyN/A1Uncommon
Crystal chestN/A2Common
Crystal implingN/A2Uncommon
Crystal impling jarN/A2Uncommon
CyclopsN/A1Very rare
Dagannoth (Lighthouse)N/A1Uncommon
Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island)N/A1Rare
Dagannoth (Waterbirth Island, ranged)78; 791Very rare
Dagannoth guardianN/A1Uncommon
Dark beastN/A1Rare
Dark beast (elite)1141Rare
Demon Flash MobN/A2–3Uncommon
Demon bossN/A2–3Uncommon
Desert strykewyrmN/A1Uncommon
Earth warriorN/A1Rare
Earth warrior (elite)881Rare
Elf warriorN/A1Rare
Exiled kalphite guardianN/A1Rare
Exiled kalphite marauderN/A1Common
Exiled kalphite paragonN/A1Uncommon
Feral vampyreN/A1Very rare
Fungal mageN/A1Rare
Ganodermic beastN/A1Uncommon
Giant Sea SnakeN/A1Unknown
Giant ant soldierN/A1Very rare
Giant rock crabN/A1Rare
GnoealsN/A1Very rare
Hill giantN/A1Uncommon
Hobgoblin (elite)411Rare
Ice giantN/A1Rare
Ice nihilN/A4Rare
Ice strykewyrmN/A1Rare
Ice troll femaleN/A1Unknown