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Large energy wisp
Poking a wisp
Release date 11 December 2013 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Various sites within Gielinor
Examine A wisp of energy sought by Bandosian and Armadylean diviners.

A large energy wisp is a wisp encountered during the world event The Bird and the Beast. The wisps are found from the Anima Mundi that were created as a result of Guthix's death. Players will be given a notification stating that the "wisps discovered here are unusually large, increasing gathering rate".

At each stop during a convoy run, the diviners for each convoy, Bandosian diviners and Armadylean diviners, will try to locate divine energy stating "Seeking divine energy!" several times. After their unsuccessful attempt, the convoy will move on. Upon reaching their destination site, the diviners will successfully find the divine energy and will start harvesting. The wisps are siphoned by players and the diviners using the Divination skill.

The divine energy collected by each faction will then be used in their ultimate weapons, the Scarecrow and the Divine Focus, by the two opposing gods, Bandos and Armadyl.

Large wisps

Armadylean diviners and players harvesting large energy wisps

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