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Large parcel detail

Large parcel is an item received from Postie Pete by talking to him in Burthorpe during the Parcels from the Hedge event. When opened, a postage stamp and one of the rewards listed below is obtained, and the parcel is destroyed. It is possible to receive multiple parcels; it is not required to open up the same or different tier to obtain more parcels from skilling or combat.

When received, the following message is seen: Mail delivered! You receive:Large parcel


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Postage stampsPostage stamps1AlwaysNot sold
Ring of the BlightedRing of the Blighted1CommonNot sold
Ring of the DoomedRing of the Doomed1CommonNot sold
Ring of the WretchedRing of the Wretched1CommonNot sold
Ring of the InfestedRing of the Infested1CommonNot sold
Ring of the TaintedRing of the Tainted1CommonNot sold
Ring of the DisgracedRing of the Disgraced1CommonNot sold
Ring of the CorruptedRing of the Corrupted1CommonNot sold
Ring of the DefiledRing of the Defiled1CommonNot sold
Swagger StickSwagger Stick1UncommonNot sold
Swag BagSwag Bag1UncommonNot sold
Flying Goblin HatFlying Goblin Hat1UncommonNot sold
Auspicious KatanaAuspicious Katana1UncommonNot sold
Large protean packLarge protean pack2CommonNot sold
Ring of large parcelRing of large parcel1RareNot sold


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