Larupia hunter gear set equipped

Larupia hunter gear is a set of hunter gear made at the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock, with tattered or perfect Larupia furs, and requires 28 hunter to wear. The colours the spines displayed on the gear may vary depending on the colour of the player's default (not equipped) boots.

Tops or legs may be made with 1 tattered or normal Larupia furs plus 100 coins each, and hats may be made with 1 normal Larupia fur plus 500 coins. This is done at the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock. Larupia furs are obtained by hunting Spined Larupias in the Feldip Hunter area, requiring 31 or higher hunter to trap. The gear confers a significant improvement to catch-rates in the jungle and woodland hunter areas. The gear can be stored in the armour case of any costume room.


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