Lava Falls (#1142)
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Release date 21 November 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Freneskae
Quest Children of Mah
Unlock hint This track is unlocked during Children of Mah.
Vocals None
Instruments Brass Sections, Taiko Drums, String Sections, Choir Aahs, Synthesizers,
Duration 04:47
Composer Mod Bond
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Lava Falls is a music track unlocked during Children of Mah. It plays during the section where player must ride down a river of lava and avoid obstacles.


This song is in the key of F# Minor, with a tempo of 103. It starts with the descending string pattern that continues throughout the whole song. The strings are accompanied by a synthesizer which is heard faintly in the background, and there is also a bass/taiko drum constantly hitting.


  • This track is very similar to another Mod Bond composition for Old School RuneScape, called Inferno. However, Inferno is slightly slower with a tempo of 96 and in a different key: D Minor.
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