Lava Maze

The Lava Maze

Lava Maze map

The map of the Lava Maze

The Lava Maze is a maze located deep in the Wilderness, around level 40-45. In the entrance and partway through the maze, there are spiderwebs that must be cut with a slash weapon or a knife. It was previously possible for players to be trapped inside the maze if they did not have a slash weapon to cut spider webs, but having the tool belt with a knife will always allow you to cut through webs, even without a slash weapon or knife in your inventory.

Some items and coins spawn throughout the maze. A gold necklace and steel platebody spawn at the centre near the muddy chest. A muddy key is required to open the chest, which contains moderate level treasure.

There is also a single Fishing spot where players can catch lava eels, the only other place being in Taverley Dungeon.

Lava Maze entrance

The maze entrance.

Outside the maze to the north are two runite ore rocks; one of the few places where free players can mine runite ore. To the west of the maze is a metal fenced area containing more lesser demons and one of the entrances to the Lava Maze Dungeon. This entrance is the one players use to reach the King Black Dragon Lair. To the south is the Hobgoblin Mine.

A penguin spy from Penguin Hide and Seek occasionally appears in the maze. At these times, the maze can often be run in relative safety on World 60, one of the official Penguin Hide and Seek worlds. However, it is also possible at times to spy a penguin from the outside edge, assuming the penguin wanders close enough.

Getting there

Three Wilderness Obelisks provide a fairly fast way to reach the maze:

  • The obelisk in level 44 Wilderness is the closest.
  • The one in level 46 Wilderness is only a bit further from the maze entrance.
  • The one in level 36 Wilderness is the furthest but is still practical. Players who run a bit west from the obelisk to the entrance will pass the Hobgoblin Mine and avoid the green dragons.

Players can also teleport to the Lava Maze by way of a lava titan's special ability or a superior locator.

Players can also ride a canoe to the Wilderness canoe landing, arriving near the level 46 Wilderness Obelisk.

From the Wilderness Lodestone, players should run west then north, around the edge of the Wilderness Volcano and up to the Lava Maze.

Items and coin spawns

Demon cage

Demons guarding the trapdoor to a certain dragon


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