Lava Maze Dungeon
Lava Maze Dungeon
Release date 13 August 2001 (Update)
Kingdom Wilderness
Members Yes
Main music Attack III
Levels 1
Strongest monster Black dragon (level 100)
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here None
Inhabitants Demons, Dragons, Spiders,
Lava Maze map

The Lava Maze Dungeon is a members' only dungeon beneath the Lava Maze in fairly high level Wilderness (mid to upper 40). The dungeon's eastern entrance is in the middle of the Lava Maze. The dungeon's western entrance is just west of the maze, in a metal fenced area containing Lesser demons. The western entrance leads to a small area containing only Poison spiders and the lever to enter the King Black Dragon Lair. The eastern entrance leads to an area containing more monsters and a single Runite ore rock.



  • Although the western surface entrance is used to reach the poison spider area and lever to the King Black Dragon Lair, on the map this area appear to be in the eastern part of the dungeon. Similarly, eastern surface entrance appears to lead to the western part of the dungeon. This reversal is similar to some of the entrances to the Ardougne Sewers. It is not known if this is a mistake by Jagex or is deliberate for some reason.
  • The concept for the lava isle may have come from the short story "The Rule of Names" when the author states, "Then from somewhere away out in the West Reach, where dragons breed on the lava isles, came one day a very mighty dragon. Not one of those overgrown lizards most of you Outer Reach folk call dragons, but a big, black winged, wise, cunning monster, full of strength and subtlety, and like all dragons loving gold and precious stones above all things"
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