The Lava Maze Dungeon mine is a small mining site found in the deep Wilderness. To reach the mine, players must travel to the centre of the Lava Maze, where the Lava Maze Dungeon's eastern entrance can be found.

Once players enter the eastern entrance, they will be in the dungeon's western side. A single runite rock can be found here, north-east of the exit ladder. The mine is extremely dangerous; several aggressive greater demons and poison spiders wander the dungeon. However, the demons do not stray very far from the ladder and with careful movement, it is possible to trap the spiders behind stalagmites and lava pools. There are also black dragons near the rock, which can do high damage to players if attacked. As well as this, due to being located in the Wilderness, players may attack and kill each other here.

The Lava Maze Dungeon mine was originally one of very few areas where runite ore could be mined. Since its addition to the game, however, several new runite mining areas have been released, such as the North Keldagrim mining area and Central Fremennik Isles mining site. Newer mines are generally located more conveniently and are comparably less dangerous, leading to the Lava Maze site's relative emptiness.

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