Lava forge
Release date 19 September 2005 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location TzHaar City
Examine A natural forge using volcanic heat.

The Lava forge is a furnace that is only found in the TzHaar City. Besides appearance, it is no different than a normal furnace. It is a protruding rock from the lava. It is somewhat close to the TzHaar bank, which is also near a silver and gold mine, making it an excellent place to train smithing at medium-levels (around 30 to 50).

As with all other furnaces, members can use this forge to smelt ores into bars and to make jewellery or cannonballs, provided that they have the required equipment and objects. This is a common place to train smithing as there is a bank very close which is ideal for fast smithing.

The Lava forge is unique in appearance as it is completely natural. Since its source of heat is lava (rather than the chemical reaction which occurs in man-made furnaces), its viability as a machine for smelting is particularly fictitious.

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