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Law talisman detail
Law Altar location

The law altar is located here.

The law talisman is an item that allows members to enter the law altar located in the northeast corner of Entrana. It can be combined with a tiara to make a law tiara for 47.5 experience at the law altar by using the tiara on the altar. This will make the talisman disappear, but the tiara can be used in just the same way and can be worn. Both the tiara and the talisman allow players to use the Runecrafting skill.

The Law talisman can be used on the wicked hood, unlocking the ability for the hood to teleport to the law altar and grant 5 free law runes every day. This will consume the talisman.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Abyssal guardianN/A1Rare
Abyssal leechN/A1Uncommon
Abyssal walkerN/A1Common
Elite Khazard guardN/A1Rare
Ork statueN/A1Rare
Sir CarlN/A1Uncommon
Sir HarryN/A1Uncommon
Sir JerroN/A1Uncommon
Warped terrorbirdN/A1Uncommon
Warped tortoiseN/A1Uncommon


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  • The law talisman was originally a reward for completing the Troll Stronghold quest, which was required in order to craft law runes, was not tradeable and instead of a drop option, it had a destroy option. On 7 May 2008 in an update it was replaced with two experience lamps and the talisman was made tradeable.