Leaf trap

A leaf trap

Isafdar map

Leaf traps are obstacles located in Tirannwn. They look like an ordinary pile of leaves on the ground. If you step on them, you'll fall into a spike pit and lose 150 life points. Click "jump over" on the leaf trap to try and traverse it safely. If you fail the jump and fall into the pit, click on protruding rocks on one of the walls closest to you to climb out. Walking instead of running increases your chances to cross this obstacle successfully.

There currently is a glitch when you fail to jump over the trap you can become stuck in a black space, much like the unknown all around RuneScape. This is usually fixed by logging out and logging back in.

There is also a potential for a poisoned player to be cured by failing the leaf trap.

On 15 December 2014, leaf traps' click areas were updated so that it is no longer required to click on the side of the trap that is closest to you to traverse it. Instead, the traps now have a single click area in the middle that allows passing in both directions.

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