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These are update leaks which aren't featured ''in-game'' yet.
These are update leaks which aren't featured ''in-game'' yet.
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{| class="wikitable"
|[[17 February]] [[2012]]
|Update hints
|The Pictures Show the Player wearing updated Dragon Boots together with, once again, a Fire cape with bloom lighting effects.
|[[13 January]] [[2012]]
|[[13 January]] [[2012]]

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Leaks are information about future updates planned for RuneScape that are accidentally posted in-game, on the RuneScape website or any other RuneScape affiliated site, that discloses information about an update that has not yet been officially released.

Current leaks

These are update leaks which aren't featured in-game yet.

13 January 2012 RuneScape's Facebook & Twitter accounts. Updated trees and ground detail can be seen in the Fremennik Province along with a Fire cape with Bloom lighting effects were shown in the update teasers for Hati & Sköll, but weren't released with along with the wolves.

It was suspected that the bloom effects for the Fire cape would be released with the update which would graphically overhaul the TzHaar, but this didn't happen.
More pictures of a fire cape with bloom effects were released with the Dominion Tower update pictures, therefore it was agian suspected that it would be released with Dominion Tower update, which also didn't happen.

Hati Skoll Twitter Hint Brazil.jpg

Sköll Update Hint 13-01-2012.png

28 June 2010 The Jagex Channel YouTube Channel It is believed by many to be a map of a new continent. The style of the map resembles a RuneScape world map. The locations are labeled, however they are illegible. It resembles the eastern half of the current continent. It is clearly seen that on the right side there is a desert, with a small island to the east of the continent, and a much larger island north of it.
Map leak.png
Unknown RuneScape website On the Game Guide and the Grand Exchange on the website, a Soul Talisman and Soul Tiara images were leaked. Jagex, however, discovered this and these have since been removed. The Soul Talisman spot remains dim in the Wicked Hood.

Leaks history

These are historical update leaks which are now featured in-game or which have been scrapped/replaced.

Date Location Description Image(s) Actual update
31 January 2012 The RuneScape website (GE database) & In-game An updated inventory icon was leaked for the Dragon platelegs (or) on the in-game Grand Exchange and website database. This item normally isn't tradeable and also showed up for free players in the Grand Exchange. This was patched a few minutes later. (the updated version can also be seen on the Mercenary warrior north of Falador)
Updated DPL(or).png
Updated DPL(or) GEDB.png
Update:Player Armour, Gnomes and Clan Fealty
9 November 2011 A Decade of Gielinor Highlights You can see an updated gnome glider on the White Wolf Mountain.
Update:Player Armour, Gnomes and Clan Fealty
31 January 2012 A Decade of Gielinor Highlights There are Al Kharid guards on White Wolf Mountain guarding the path.
Troll Warzone
15 December 2011 Downloads A ground covered with snow and a Christmas Tree can be seen in Draynor Village.
Bob xmas card 2011.jpg
A Towering Feast
22 November 2011 Game Guide A festive yellow portal can be seen outside the Wizards Tower. It is the entrance for the 2011 Christmas event.
Wizard tower leak.png
A Towering Feast
7 November 2011 The Jagex Channel YouTube Channel A new UI, featured in game since 22 November 2011 RuneScape Revolution
July 2011 In-game In the quest overview of The Prisoner of Glouphrie, a glitch caused the quest icon to be the icon that would later be used for The Ritual of the Mahjarrat. PossibleROTMIconLeak.png Ritual of the Mahjarrat
12 April 2011 In-game Extra clan citadel worlds. Clan settings showed worlds up to 200. Worldleak.png Clan Citadels
1 February 2011 RuneScape website An image in the Wilderness article of the Game Guide shows a more detailed depiction of The North.
Ritual of the Mahjarrat
1 February 2011 RuneScape website The map view of the HD update for Trollheim was leaked.
Trollcountry updated.png
Ring of Wealth, Shanties, Trolls and Dungeoneering
15 December 2010 RuneScape website Mention of Torva armour was leaked in the Runescape Game Guide. God Wars Dungeon - The Ancient Prison
20 June 2010 In-game The bugged Dungeoneering interface which shows the icons of the Occult and Warped floors.
Dungeoneering - The Occult Floors, Dungeoneering – The Warped Floors
April 2010 Icould.com article In the top right corner, there is a whiteboard that contains a list of then unreleased content. However, only the first letters are visible. The updates have now all been released and included: 2010 Easter Event, Dungeoneering, Buyers and Cellars & Thieves' Guild, A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift, Elemental Workshop III, the Elite diaries (now known as Tasks) and more.
Whiteboard leak.jpg
Egg-streme Management (Easter 2010), Dungeoneering Skill!, Buyers and Cellars (and Thieves' Guild), A Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift, The Elemental Workshop III, Elite Achievement Diaries and more.
11 September 2009 RuneScape website The RuneScape Game Guide revealed new icons for hatchets. The Dragon hatchet is rotated and the rest have slightly curved heads.
Rune hatchet leak.png Dragon hatchet leak.png
7 September 2009 RuneScape website The RuneScape Game Guide showed new icons for the Rune longsword, Rune scimitar, Dragon longsword, Dragon scimitar, Water and Lava staffs, and all Shortswords and Two-handed swords.
07-sept-rune-shortsword-leak.png 07-sept-rune-longsword-leak.png 07-sept-rune-scimitar-leak.png 07-sept-rune-2h-sword-leak.png 07-sept-dragon-longsword-leak.png 07-sept-dragon-scimitar-leak.png 07-sept-dragon-2h-sword-leak.png 07-sept-water-staff-leak.png 07-sept-lava-staff-leak.png
Hidden update
24 July 2009 RuneScape website The Portuguese Game Guide contained a screenshot of an unreleased summoning interface which contained a claw icon in addition to a signpost icon in the toolbar where the summoning icon used to be. Icons for the music tab, friends and ignore list icons have changed as well, although they were never released in-game. Menagerie, Familiar Controls and Butlers, Advisors and Objectives
24 July 2009 RuneScape website A new image appeared for the Music interface menu showing new tracks in Portuguese. The tracks seem to be those released with Dungeoneering. Objectives tab was also leaked.
Dungeoneering Skill!, Advisors and Objectives
23 July 2009 RuneScape website New images for the Rune and Dragon longsword and the Rune and Dragon scimitar appeared on the Grand Exchange Database, but were quickly removed.
Animation Pack 1
16 July 2009 RuneScape website In Blog - Animation Update: Pack 1, the windmill animation shows some new tabs, including the brand new objectives tab and new music tab icon, though new music tab icon was never released in game and was replaced.
Windmill new.gif
Advisors and Objectives
Unknown RuneScape website The Mobilising Armies Teleport was shown in the Magic section in the RuneScape Game Guide weeks before Mobilising Armies was released.
MA Tele Leak.png
Mobilising Armies
Unknown In-game The Achievement Diary icon appeared over the Chemist's House in Rimmington not long before the Falador Diary was released. Falador Achievement Diary
2008 In-game Before the Rocking Out quest came out, when a player would reach Thieving level 63, the level up screen would display a message that said "You now have the Thieving level to steal from the Customs evidence files of Rock Island Prison (after Rocking Out)".
Rocking Out
28 May 2006 RuneScape website At one point shortly before the release of Construction, a very large area of land was visible across the ocean west of Tirannwn on the world map. It appeared very pixelated and unrefined. It was removed shortly afterwards. It is unknown what purpose it served, if any, although since it was before Construction came out, some speculate it was used to test the POH features before release.
World Map Leak.png
Unknown In-game There was once an activity icon on the Trade Octagon, but it was quickly removed. A Jagex Moderator confirmed that there was an activity planned for the area. This activity has now been scrapped.
Trade Octagon activity.png
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