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The leaping sturgeon is a fish which requires 70 Fishing, 45 Strength, and 45 Agility to be caught, providing 80 Fishing experience, 7 Strength experience, and 7 Agility experience. It can only be caught at Otto's Grotto with a barbarian rod and suitable bait after starting Barbarian Training.

While it cannot be cooked, using a knife on a leaping sturgeon will produce caviar, providing 15 Cooking experience, as well as sometimes producing fish offcuts. This is the only leaping fish to give caviar. Caviar is used in Herblore to make barbarian mixes.

It is wise when gutting a full inventory's worth of sturgeon to leave one open space in the inventory, as unlike roe received from other leaping fish, caviar is received from every sturgeon gutted. This means having a full inventory will stop the player from gaining fish offcuts alongside the caviar.


Leaping sturgeon
Fishing level 70
Fishing spot Use-rod
Tool Barbarian rod
Fishing XP 80 XP
Tool XP 9.44 XP

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