The Lefebvre Equations are a set of mathematical and magical equations related to the study of Runecrafting theory. The equations are some of the central instruments for modern runecrafting study. The only explicitly known Lefebvre equation is the Lefebvre transformation, which is mentioned by certain members of the Runecrafting Guild when spoken to. Wizard Vief explains that the equation, when paired with Wizard Hellam's discovery about elemental rune energy signatures and Wizard Beenay's theory of light, and possibly several other theorems, states that the yellow orbs during The Great Orb Project are beneficial while the green orbs are bad.[1]

The name is a play on words of the mathematical Legendre transformation and Legendre's equation.


  1. ^ Wizard Vief, RuneScape. "You just need to take Wizard Hellam's discoveries about the elemental rune energy signature and then extrapolate to include all kinds of runes. Then, if you apply the lefebvre transformation to them... I assume you know the lefebvre equations?... if you do that, you'll easily see the signature of an external manifestation of runecrafting energy. Then you will need to apply Wizard Bennay's theory of light..."
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