Not to be confused with River of Blood.
Legacy of Blood
Legacy of Blood
Author T. S. Church
Release Date 6 June 2012
Publisher Titan Books
Cost $7.99/£5.99
Pages 467
ISBN 0-85768-757-3

Legacy of Blood is a fantasy book by T. S. Church that was released on 19 June 2012. It was published by Titan Books, and is the third book in the RuneScape book series by the author, following Betrayal at Falador and Return to Canifis. The book is available as a paperback and an e-book.[1]


The city of Varrock is at breaking point; people are fleeing from the country into the already full city and riots are breaking out as the government struggles to keep order.

Meanwhile Gar'rth struggles with his dark destiny, Theodore chases a holy relic and Kara prepares for war. As the friends continue to fight against evil, Zamorak's power continues to rise, bringing with it the walking dead...

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  • On the back of the book, Vanescula is referred to as Lord Drakan's daughter when she is his sister. In the novel, it is proven she is not, meaning that it was unknown to everyone up until now.
  • On the back of the book, after mentioning Vanescula, Lord Drakan is misspelled as Lord Draken.
  • The wolfbane dagger is spelled as wolfsbane dagger.


  • The original title of the book was Heir to Varrock, but this was changed by editorial decision to the current name.[2]


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