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This is the quick guide for Legacy of Seergaze.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Legacy of Seergaze icon
Speak to the Mercenary Adventurer outside Paterdomus.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
Official lengthLong to Very Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:

Additionally, it is recommended to have completed the following in order to follow the quest at one point.

Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Items obtained during quest
Enemies to defeat

An evil conspiracy

  • Bringing multiple combat styles is recommended.
  • Talk to the Mercenary Adventurer at the Burgh de Rott Ramble starting point (West of Canifis). (Chat )
  • Enter the mausoleum west of the Adventurer.
  • Talk to Drezel. (Chat 2)
  • Go through the gate right next to him.
  • Climb down the stairs north of the well.
  • Search the broken wall storage unit east of the stairs.
  • Head back up and exit the mausoleum via the west entrance and head to the top floor of Paterdomus to the east.
  • After the cutscene, kill Fistandantilus and Zaromark Sliver.
  • These enemies will use prayer to become immune to your combat style. Bringing multiple combat styles is recommended for this fight.
  • Search the crude table north-west of the room.
  • Return to Drezel.(Chat 2)
  • Go to the Mercenary Adventurer and escort him, just like you would do in any Burgh de Rott Ramble. Easy path recommended. If you encounter Juvinates, you will require your Rod of Ivandis. (Chat 21)
    • Be sure to unequip any melee-reducing equipment like ranged and magic armour.
  • Once in Burgh de Rott, talk to the Mercenary Adventurer who will then go down the trapdoor in the old inn.

The Myreque's task

  • Climb down the trapdoor in the old inn.
  • Talk to Veliaf Hurtz until he gives you a crate. (Chat 2)
  • Climb up the ladder.
  • Go south of Burgh de Rott.
  • Take the boat to Meiyerditch.
  • Go to Safalaan in the Myreque base. Refer to the Meiyerditch shortcut guide for help.
  • To get there faster, get caught by the Vyrewatch and choose to be sent to the mines.
  • Talk to Flaygian Screwte, in the same room, and offer him your help. (Chat 34)

In search of the weapon

Legacy of Seergaze furnace location

Location of the furnace

  • Ask Andiess Juip or Kael Forshaw in the same room about weapons. (Chat 2)
  • Search the middle bunk bed on the north wall of the eastern room for a book.
  • Read it and remember which page mentioned flails.
  • Give the book to Flaygian, giving him the proper page number.
  • Head to the northernmost part of Meiyerditch and enter the house south of the house with the furnace ("mass of debris").
  • Use the Make-ladder option on the centre post.
  • Climb up the post.
  • Jump across the floorboards to the east, then to the north.
  • Jump west through the damaged wall.
  • Climb up the ladder.
  • Search the trough.
  • Take a piece of coal from the coal barrel.
  • Go to the bottom floor and select "excavate" on the mass of debris (right click).
  • Use the coal on the furnace, and select "light".
  • Return to Flaygian.
  • In the same room as Flaygian, take two silver and two mithril bars from the barrel on the northern wall.
  • Take a blessed sickle from the shelf on the south-western wall.
  • Go to the room to the east of the entrance ladder and search the crate for a chain link mould, which can be added to your tool belt.
  • Return to the furnace.
  • Make the Silvthril chain. After this, you will have 1 bar of each type left. These are not used at any point in the quest.
  • Talk to Flaygian, then use the blessed sickle on him. (Chat 2)

Return to the lab

  • Talk to Safalaan.
  • Proceed to the laboratory, which is south-east of the furnace.
  • Climb down the stairs.
  • After the cutscene, examine one of the bodies. They will be playing a trick on you.
  • Search the door to the south-west and you will be given the option to use the saw from your tool belt.
  • Go down the long and winding tunnel beyond the door to a chamber with Skeletal hands (level 70, 75) and Mutated bloodveld (level 91, 95).
  • Go through another long passage to the north-west to reach a large room, where there is a raised coffin in the middle.

Vyrewatch and the Ivandis flail

  • If you need runes for enchant emerald, search the corpse next to the rocks before continuing.
  • Search the strange stones in the northern part of the cavern.
  • Report to Safalaan. There will be a cutscene and a fight against Vyrewatches in which you cannot deal any damage, but the fight will end in another cutscene with Safalaan being attacked.
  • Make sure you have 4 free inventory spaces, then talk to Safalaan.
  • Use the emerald on the sickle.
  • Use Enchant Level 2 Jewellery on it.
  • Use the chain on it.
  • Talk to Safalaan.
  • Go to the surface, equip the Ivandis flail, kill a Vyrewatch, and pick up its corpse.
  • Return to Safalaan.

Back to the Columbarium

  • Return to Burgh de Rott and talk to Veliaf. Ask him what to do. (Chat 145)
  • Return to Drezel at the Paterdomus temple.
  • Go through the gate, then down the stairs north of the well.
  • Use the pyre logs on a funeral pyre, then the vyre corpse. Light it.
  • Take the Ornate tomb key.
  • Use it on the wall storage unit from the beginning of the quest on the north-eastern side of the room (it is now sparkling) to acquire a blood talisman.
  • After the cutscene, go upstairs and ask Drezel what to do.
  • Report to Veliaf.
  • Quest complete!


Legacy of Seergaze reward
Music unlocked
Audio options icon
The Vyrewatch
The jingle that plays when the Vyrewatch appear.
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