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This is the quick guide for Legends' Quest.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Legends' Quest icon
Talk to the guards just outside of the Legends' Guild.
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Official lengthLong to Very Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:


Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat

Getting started

  • Talk to a Legends guard east of Ardougne (fairy ring blr). (Chat 312)
  • Talk to Radimus. (Chat 1)
  • Cut through the jungle greenery south of Shilo Village (fairy ring ckr) to access the Kharazi Jungle.

Kharazi Jungle

Items needed: Radimus notes, 3-5 papyrus, 1-3 charcoal
Items recommended: 5 bittercap mushrooms
  • Complete the Radimus notes by walking to the western side of the jungle, right-clicking the notes and selecting "Complete Radimus notes", then doing the same in the middle and east.
  • Use the notes on a Jungle forester, south of Shilo Village. (Chat 1)


Viyeldi caves map

A map of the Viyeldi caves

  • Cut your way back into Kharazi (fairy ring cjs), then swing the bull roarer.
  • Talk to Gujuo. (Chat 111111)
  • North-west of the jungle on the hill, search the mossy rocks to enter the Viyeldi caves (Chat 1), this part may take several attempts.
  • Investigate the fire wall. (Chat 11)
  • For the 3 notes, search the table, bed and just south-east, the crate.
  • Leave the cave, run east to the jungle entrance, and use the bull roarer to summon Gujuo and get the sketch. (Chat 4552)
  • Re-enter the cave and search the eastern bookcase. (Chat 1)
  • Continue through the dungeon until you reach the Ancient Gate:
    • Search the Ancient Gate (level 50 Thieving required).
    • Smash the boulders (52 Mining required).
    • Open the ancient gate (50 Strength required). (Chat 1)
    • If you want to complete a Karamja Hard Task you can kill a death wing here.
    • Jump-over jagged wall (50 Agility required).
  • Search the marked wall (Chat 1), then use your runes on it in order (Soul, Mind, Earth, Law, Law for English version).
  • Search the wall again. (Chat 1)
  • Use the cut gems on the carved rocks. Use the map above to see which gem goes where.
  • Pick up the binding book.

Sacred pool

Items needed: Radimus notes, Empty vial, 2 gold bars, at least 100 prayer points, binding book, sketch, and bull roarer
Items recommended: Combat equipment
Pure water pool location

Location of the pure water pool

  • Use 2 gold bars on any anvil for a golden bowl.
  • Return to the jungle using fairy ring cjs (if you repaired it)
  • Swing the bull roarer in jungle again. Have him bless your bowl. (Chat 1) (this process may take several attempts)
  • Cut the reeds at the pure water pool.
  • Use the reeds on the pool (Located at the center of the jungle).
  • Right click on the book, Enchant-vials.
  • Return to the Viyeldi caves.
  • Use the bowl of water on the ring of fire.
  • Use the binding book on Ungadulu.
  • Kill Nezikchened.
  • Right-click Talk to Ungadulu. (Chat 1113)
  • Exit, then call for Gujuo. (Chat 123)
  • Use your filled golden bowl on your seeds.
  • Go back to the pool and use hollow reed on it.
  • Call for Gujuo. (Chat 1225)

Restoring the pool

Items needed: Radimus notes, Clean ardrigal, clean snake weed, vial of water, runes for a Charge Orb spell, an unpowered orb, blessed gold bowl, Yommi tree seeds, a lockpick, and a rope.
Items recommended: Combat equipment
  • Run back to the cave where you found the binding book. Use a charge orb spell on the north door.
  • Use your rope on the winch. Drink your potion then climb down. (Chat 1)
    • If you forgot your rope, you can smash the barrels in the room for one.
  • Climb over the rocks to reach the bottom. (Chat 1)
  • Kill the 3 different skeletons until you get 3 crystal pieces.
  • Use each crystal on the north-east furnace.
  • There is 1 searchable mossy rock in the middle of this room. Use the heart on it.
  • Run south and use the heart on the recess (recess is right next to the barrier entrance). Walk through.
  • Just west, attempt to push any of the boulders. (Chat 2111)
  • Climb back to the top of the ridge. Equip the dagger, take the hat, kill Viyeldi.
    • Only go through the first dialogue, as completing the entire dialogue will make him disappear.
  • Return back to the boulders and attempt to push them again, then kill Nezikchened.
  • After killing the demon, push all 3 boulders.
  • You may fill your bowl with sacred water here.
  • Return to the Kharazi Jungle.
  • Return to the pond and fill your bowl, if you have not done so already.
  • Plant a sapling north-west of the pool by using the seed on "Fertile Soil" (45 Herblore required).
  • Use bowls of water on it until fully grown (1 should be enough). Chop it at its adult phase.
  • Trim, carve, then lift it until you have a Yommi totem.

The final fight

Items needed: Yommi totem, Radimus notes, Bull roarer
Items recommended: Weapons, armour, food
  • Use your totem on the totem pole east of the pool.
  • Defeat three skeletons and then Nezikchened.
  • Use the totem on the pole again.
  • Call for Gujuo, he will give you a Gilded Totem.
  • Return to the Legends' Guild (fairy ring blr).
  • Talk to Radimus for a short cutscene.
  • Talk to him again inside the guild. (Chat 1)
  • Quest complete!


Legends' Quest reward
Music unlocked
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