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The Legiones are the most powerful of the Ascended and are the leaders of the Order of Ascension. They are all found in the Monastery of Ascension.

Legio Primus, the first of the Legiones.

In order to access them, a player must have the corresponding key and 95 Slayer (90 with wild pie, and 89 with a Wilder pie) is required to enter their laboratories. They can drop their signets, which are required to create the Ascension crossbow and its off-hand variant, powerful level 90 ranged crossbows.

Obtaining all of the Legiones' unique drops will unlock the Legio [Name] title.


The Legiones were created in 1890 AGS (roughly the Third Age) by Ocellus. Ocellus had bred several ascended in his attempts to make strong humans that would worship no one, but failed. The ascended in these batches were either violent, insolent, or misguided. Ocellus noted that the leaders he made were either too powerful, intelligent or unstable, which resulted in him having to punish or liquify them. Ocellus hoped that if he linked their minds together, they would think as one. Ocellus went forward with this idea, and called the resulting ascended as Legiones. It is unknown how many Legiones were created (and what happened to them); regardless, there are seven known Legiones during the Sixth Age.

In 1902 AGS, Ocellus remarked how the Legiones were creative with their minds, as they accelerated crystal production throughout the whole complex, as it was too much for Ocellus to handle. Sometime in 2167 AGS (Fifth Age), Ocellus found the Legiones leading a prayer to Guthix. Ocellus attempted to punish them, but the Legiones resisted. He later told them what they did was wrong, and that it was not what Guthix would have wanted.

During 2167 AGS (beginning of the Sixth Age), the Legiones were aware that Guthix was killed and went into denial. The Legiones could not imagine a life without Guthix, and decided to create an artificial, ascended Guthix. While Ocellus admired their ambition, he saw their objective as misguided and attempted to explain their error to them. Ocellus confronted them again, only to be defeated, so he stayed outside the complex to prevent any Ascended from leaving.

The project of the Legiones.

The Legiones currently reside in their labs, attempting to find out ways to ascend man into godhood. In order to reach them, players must kill their fellow members (rorarii, gladii, capsarii, or scutarii) to get a key which will unlock one of their labs.

One of the Legiones, Legio Septimus, left the group, calling the other Ascended "idle fools" as they did nothing but feed on the crystals in the caverns. He led his group of Ascended and allied with Nomad to create a new Guthix.


Main Legiones




  • I Got This (RuneScore.png 40) - Defeat each of the six Legiones consecutively without leaving the Ascension dungeon.
  • Stand Your Ground (RuneScore.png 50) - Defeat each of the six Legiones without moving.
  • We Are Legion (RuneScore.png 0) - Obtained a collection of unique drops from Legiones.
  • Descension (RuneScore.png 5) - Defeat any of the Ascension Legiones several times depending on the tier.


  • Although the Slayer tab says that a Slayer level of 95 is required to fight the Legiones, they do not actually have any Slayer level, as players of a lower level doing Co-op Slayer with a player who does have the slayer level to access their boss rooms can still harm them. 95 Slayer is only required to open the door, and if the boosted level wears off mid-fight, the player is still able to damage the Legiones. The lowest possible Slayer level to attack a Legion is 81, which is the level required to enter the Monastery.
  • Legiones are one of the very few monsters in RuneScape whose attacks are not reduced by 50% protection/deflection prayers, instead only slightly being affected by Protect from Magic and Deflect Magic.
  • For a while after the Crystal Triskelion was released, the Legiones were unable to drop crystal triskelion pieces despite their slayer level being high enough to meet the requirement. This was soon fixed in a later update.
  • As of 1 February 2018, the highest kill count for this boss was 41,200 kills[1].
    • This had increased to 41,985 by 6 May 2018.[2].
  • Legio Tertius, Quartus, and Quintus have sigils in the shapes of triangles, squares, and pentagons, respectively, the number of sides the polygons have representing the ordinal number their names refer to. Primus' sigil is a circle, as there is no single sided polygon; Secundus' is a rectangle, possibly due to it having two different lengths for its sides, and Sextus' is in the shape of an X, possibly referring to the middle letter in his name.


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