Emaciated spirit
Release date 27 October 2014 (Update)
Also known as Emaciated spirit
Race Human/Ghost
Members No
Quest NPC Broken Home
Location(s) Gulvas Mansion
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A ghostly little boy.
Lenian chathead
Lenian Gulvas is a deceased child who lived in a mansion in Silvarea during the early Fifth Age. He was the son of Ormod and his dead wife. After his mother's death, he was confined to the nursery tower with only a bed, food and books, and was cared for by a nursemaid. When the nursemaid damaged one of Ormod's relics, Ormod killed her and forgot about his son, still in the tower. By the time he remembered he existed, Lenian was long-dead due to dehydration[1].

Lenian's ghost is seen haunting the mansion during the Broken Home quest, although he does not seem to be malicious. He is ultimately found in his old nursery tower, lamenting his mother's hairbrush. After his mother's hairbrush is given to him, he becomes lucid and offers to help deal with his now-murderous father's ghost who blamed himself for his son's death. Before he can help, he is devoured by Senecianus, who has taken the form of a young girl.


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