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Banner carrier (leprechaun)

The Leprechaun Champion, whose real name is Joycey, dwells in the training room below a trap door in the basement of the Champions' Guild. There is a separate trapdoor to the one that leads to the Champions of Champions Arena, where the player will meet the other champions. After being defeated the first time, he may be fought a week later for additional experience rewards in the main arena.

The Leprechaun Champion is the only champion that you don't need a scroll to fight. In this fight, the player must fight unarmed, unarmoured and with an empty inventory. However although there is no risk of losing items, this is not a "safe" battle and hardcore ironman players can still lose a life.

Since you can't use any weapons, few abilities will be available, so using Legacy mode is recommended. The fight is relatively easy, and players with mid 50 stats can win with minimal damage.

Lep champ fight

Fighting the Leprechaun Champion in the main arena


Leprechaun Champion reward
  • 446 Slayer experience
  • 446 Constitution experience


  • When you go down the trapdoor, the Leprechaun Champion is seen hitting attack dummies.
  • This is the only leprechaun that can be fought in the game.
  • It seems he is wearing roman soldier like sandals or Moonclan boots.
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