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Lexicus Runewright is one of the hardest bosses in Daemonheim. He summons books attacking with Ranged, Magic and Melee. Every once in a while, he will summon two glowing books following the player. Eventually, they will explode and deal up to 600 damage. The only way to evade his special attack is to run away from the books.

He deflects up to 1/3 melee damage you deal, so you are advised to range or mage him.

Method(s) to defeat


While using a range or magic attack, one way to avoid heavy damage while fighting Lexicus is to use the book cases as a shield from the books that Lexicus casts. This give you a one-on-one challenge with Lexicus letting you last much lon
File:Lexicus Runewright1.png
ger. Remember run from 'Book Barrage.'


With a team of two or more, a method is to have everyone attack Lexicus Runewrite while one person attacks the books Lexicus summons. The books are level 24 and have 10 lifepoints meaning they have high levels in damage skills (ie range and strength.) This will help everyone last longer by reducing the damage done by summoned books. When Lexicus casts 'Book Barrage' everyone must run.



Other drops

  • Keeper of the tomes.
  • Roseblood hood.
  • Spiritbloom hood.
  • Bryll Hood.
  • Celestial hood.
  • Soulbell hood.

Glitches and Errors

  • Even though it says you need to be level 40 in Dungeoneering to fight him, you can fight him at level 39.
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