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Life points are a statistic belonging to every player and monster that determines their current strength in continuing combat. Death occurs when an entity is reduced to 0 life points. All entities with life points slowly heal over time naturally.

All monsters have a predetermined maximum amount of life points. They will slowly regenerate life over time, and most monsters will fully heal immediately if they are out of combat for too long. For players, the maximum amount of life points is determined by their Constitution level. Every level gives 100 life points to the base amount, starting at 1,000 for level 10, and capping at 9,900 with skill mastery. Life points are also given by higher level armours, granting a permanent increase to maximum for as long as they are worn. Certain foods and potions (such as rocktail) can heal beyond maximum life points, but these extra points will slowly drain over time similar to the natural healing mechanic. A small boost to life points can be gained by stoking a bonfire with 5 logs.

The absolute maximum amount of life points players can have, while temporary, is 17,312. This is derived from:

  • Player health and equipment
  • Boosts
    • Bonfires boost the maximum life points cap by up to 5% of the total life points originating from the Constitution level and worn equipment. This amounts to up to +495 at 99 Constitution Constitution, and an additional +187 while wearing the best life point boosting equipment available in Daemonheim - i.e. tier 99 head, body, legs, and shield slot items - and then bonfiring inside the dungeon. The boost is re-calculated each time upon bonfiring or logging in, but lasts as long as the current longest initiated timer. This means that you can pre-bonfire to set a long timer, and then enter a dungeon and buy the cheapest logs from the Smuggler to re-calculate the life point boost by bonfiring again. Without using Daemonheim equipment, the highest possible life point boost derived from worn equipment while bonfiring would be +158.
    • The thermal bath, or an Ogre flask (thermal), boosts the maximum life points cap by +3 per Constitution level, for a maximum of +297 at 99 Constitution Constitution.
    • Fortitude increases the maximum life points cap by +10 plus +10 per Constitution level, for a total of +1,000 at 99 Constitution Constitution.
  • Final boost
    • Rocktail soup and Sailfish soup can heal 15% above the maximum life points cap, which is an additional +2,258 assuming the use of Daemonheim equipment while bonfiring, or +2,253 if using only surface equipment.


Lost life points can be recovered, primarily by eating food or drinking certain potions. Being in close vicinity of a banker or banking facility will rapidly heal life points to full. Additionally, the thermal bath in Oo'glog and the Elidinis Statuette in Nardah can completely restore a player's life points as well.

There are also several items, abilities, and pieces of equipment that restore health under certain circumstances such as by manually deploying an item, falling below a health threshold, and gaining life points based on damage inflicted.




Spells and prayers



When players are not in combat, they regenerate their life points at a slow rate of 0.1% of their constitution level every 6 seconds which can be helpful when performing skills that result in occasional damage, such as Agility and Thieving. There are multiple ways to increase the amount of life points a player can recover per minute and several of them can be used at the same time to stack their potency.

Highest life points

Life points Monster
200,000,000 Party Demon[h 1]
10,000,000 Clawdia[h 1]
8,000,000 Solak
7,500,000 Seiryu the Azure Serpent
5,600,000[h 2] Yakamaru
3,141,591 Penance King
3,000,000 Nex: Angel of Death
Solak[h 3]
2,750,000[h 4] Vorago
1,500,000 Beastmaster Durzag
Clawdia[h 1]
1,000,000 WildyWyrm
Yakamaru[h 5]
850,000 Avatar of Amascut[h 1]
800,000 Telos[h 6]
Nomad[h 7]
700,000 Tuz
500,000 Cormes
Life points Summoning familiar
46,500 Pack mammoth
45,000 Pack yak
20,000 Nihil familiars
10,900 Steel titan
10,500 Iron titan
  1. ^ a b c d This monster is no longer in game or only exists during certain events
  2. ^ This is a total using 1,000,000 for each pool and 150,000 per mirage
  3. ^ This is the amount when Solak is fought in duo mode
  4. ^ This is a total using 250,000 life points for each of the 11 phases in hard mode
  5. ^ This is the amount for a single pool
  6. ^ This is the amount when Telos has at least 300% enrage
  7. ^ Hard Mode; 200,000 life points for each of Nomad's four phases

Highest life point boosting armours

Boost Melee Magic Ranged Hybrid
600 Primal full helm Celestial hood Sagittarian coif N/A
420 Promethium full helm
Achto Teralith Helmet
Spiritbloom hood
Achto Primeval Mask
Tyrannoleather coif
Achto Tempest Cowl
320 Superior tetsu helm
Teralith Helmet
Superior seasinger's hood
Primeval Mask
Superior death lotus hood
Tempest Cowl
Battle-mage helm
Trickster helm
Vanguard helm
1200 Primal platebody Celestial robe top Sagittarian body N/A
1120 Primal chainbody N/A N/A N/A
840 Promethium platebody
Achto Teralith Cuirass
Spiritbloom robe top
Achto Primeval robe top
Tyrannoleather body
Achto Tempest Body
760 Promethium chainbody N/A N/A N/A
640 Superior tetsu body
Teralith Cuirass
Superior seasinger's robe top
Primeval robe top
Superior death lotus chestplate
Tempest Body
Battle-mage robe
Trickster robe
Vanguard body
900 Primal platelegs
Primal plateskirt
Celestial robe bottom Sagittarian chaps N/A
630 Promethium platelegs
Promethium plateskirt
Achto Teralith Leggings
Spiritbloom robe bottom
Achto Primeval robe legs
Tyrannoleather chaps
Achto Tempest Chaps
480 Superior tetsu platelegs
Teralith Leggings
Superior seasinger's robe bottom
Primeval robe legs
Superior death lotus chaps
Tempest Chaps
Battle-mage legs
Trickster legs
Vanguard legs
1050 Primal kiteshield Celestial shield Sagittarian shield N/A
857 N/A Guardian's ward N/A N/A
735 Promethium kiteshield
Malevolent kiteshield
Spiritbloom shield
Merciless kiteshield
Tyrannoleather shield
Vengeful kiteshield
300 N/A N/A N/A Completionist cape
Superior reefwalker's cape
250 N/A N/A N/A Atrocious rogue gloves
200 N/A N/A N/A Loathsome rogue gloves
150 N/A N/A N/A Malicious rogue gloves
100 N/A N/A N/A Nasty rogue gloves
50 N/A N/A N/A Corrupt rogue gloves
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