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"Limpwurt" redirects here. For the seed used to grow limpwurt roots, see Limpwurt seed.
For the item from New Varrock, see Limpwurt root (New Varrock).
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Limpwurt roots are used to make Strength potion at level 7 Herblore (combined with a Tarromin) and Super strength potion at level 55 Herblore (combined with a Kwuarm).

Limpwurt roots are dropped by many monsters, and can also be purchased at Poletax's Herblore Shop and the Meilyr Clan Store. With level 26 Farming, players can grow their own roots in a farming patch using Limpwurt seeds.

At level 20 Dungeoneering players (both F2P and P2P) may enter the Edgeville resource dungeon located in the east of the hill giant area where four limpwurt roots spawn. Varrock Sewers resource dungeon also has four spawns but it requires 65 Dungeoneering and is further from a bank.

The Apothecary in western Varrock will make a 4-dose Strength potion if you bring him Red spiders' eggs, a limpwurt root, and 5 coins.

According to the official bestiary (now removed), hobgoblins often chew limpwurt roots, which may be a reference to the common drop of these roots for hobgoblins. In addition, the minitrice pet use them as food, which may be related to limpwurt roots being a common drop of cockatrices.

Three limpwurt roots are found in the chest in Evil Dave's compound in New Varrock. They can also be used to make strength potions, but the potions cost 5 zemomarks instead of coins.


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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cave bug8; 121Common
Cave crawler53; 74; 781–3Common
Cave horror (elite)861Common
Cyclops57; 63; 68; 911Common
Fungal mage811Common
Hill giant441Common
Hobgoblin28; 30; 32; 35; 911Common
Hobgoblin (elite)411Common
Sergeant Grimspike1025Common
Sergeant Steelwill1025Common
Sergeant Strongstack1025Common
Turoth64; 66; 68; 69; 711Common
Cave crawler53; 74; 781–3Rare
Rock Crab711Rare
Chaos druid warrior651–3Uncommon
Cockroach drone41Uncommon
Corporeal Beast78520Uncommon
Frost dragon1121Uncommon
Fungal rodent261Uncommon
Greater reborn ranger821–2Uncommon
Ice warrior541Uncommon
Iorwerth guard1224Uncommon
Iorwerth scout1224Uncommon
Lesser reborn ranger681Uncommon
Shiny columbarium keyN/A8Uncommon
Tortured soul (Port Phasmatys)531Uncommon
Tribesman60; 631Uncommon
Black Knight Titan281Unknown
Druid (historical)331Unknown
Druidess (historical)261Unknown
Vyrewatch49; 70; 72; 75; 78; 86; 91; 978Unknown

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?


  • Limpwurt may be named after limpwort, an alternative name for Veronica beccabunga.
  • Limpwurt roots used to look identical to arcenia roots, until an update around 2005 gave them their current appearance.
  • They cannot be stacked using magic notepaper. Upon trying to do so will yield the message "nothing interesting happens". Withdrawing noted forms from the bank will still work and players still also receive noted drops. It is unknown why this is like this.