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Linza the Disgraced chathead

Linza the Disgraced is the eighth Barrows wight. She is the wight of Linza, who was turned by Sliske during Kindred Spirits, when he double crosses her after she betrays the player for protection from the Dragonkin.

Linza the Disgraced can be fought after the quest Kindred Spirits is completed. She shares her tomb with Ahrim the Blighted.

Linza's set effect is purely defensive; whenever she takes damage, there is a chance that she will reflect anywhere from 500-800 damage back onto the player. She will still take full damage from incoming attacks, however. Players should be wary of this when using Death's Swiftness or Sunshine, as the damage-over-time effects can easily stack into high damage if her set effect activates often.

Barrows amulets cannot be used against her.

Sliske's Endgame

During Sliske's Endgame, Sliske summons Linza along with Nomad as a wight and Gregorovic to impede the player after the Barrows brothers rebel against Sliske. She has 150,000 lifepoints and keeps her passive effect of reflecting damage. She will also gain an ability that will cause her to shield herself and heal herself for 1,500 life points every few ticks, similar to Araxxor's web shield if she is not the first of the three defeated, and an ability that causes her to leap into the air and cause massive damage when she lands if the other two are defeated first.

After the events of the quest, she remains a wight and claims she is sorry for harming the player. She decides to stay with the Barrows brothers, as she believes that with their combat expertise and her Smithing skills they can be a great force for good, and that the living tend to be uncomfortable around the undead.



  • Unlike the other Barrows brothers, Linza uses post-EoC idle/attacking animations. She still uses pre-EoC defensive animations like all the other wights.
  • Linza has 150,000 life points, while the other seven Barrows brothers only have 12,000.
    • In addition, the flames around her sarcophagus are purple compared to the other Barrow wights which are red.
    • There also seems to be a glitch/bug where Linza does not despawn if the player is too far from her, unlike the other brothers which return to their tombs if the player is too far from them.
  • Linza does not appear in the tunnels at all, even if all other brothers are killed and the player prepares to loot the chest. It is unknown if this is an oversight or not.
    • This also means that Linza will always appear whenever her sarcophagus is interacted with.
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