Liquid Gold Nymph chathead

The Liquid Gold Nymph is a character that features in the Lava Flow Mine. She is one of the distractions from mining the lava crust, along with boiler breakages, TzHaar heroes, lava geyser, and possessed pickaxes. The reward of appeasing her will be a piece of the golden mining suit, which works in the same way as other experience boosting sets, giving a 1% mining experience boost per piece and 1% bonus for full set, totalling 6% xp boost when all pieces are worn.

The Nymph's appearance is completely random, with 1 in 846 chance after each successful mining attempt.[1] When she appears, a message in the chatbox reads "A Liquid Gold Nymph rises out of the lava as you mine.". She only appears to one player at a time and will not automatically talk to the player, though more than one nymph can appear at any time. When the Nymph appears, she will make a simple humming sound, so it is recommended to have the sound effects on high to hear her since it is a faint noise. It is confirmed that the segment in which the player mines does not affect the appearance of the Nymph; it only affects the experience being earned. Mining in a world where no other players are present at the Lava Flow Mine will not increase the chances of encountering her.

After she appears, the player has 5 minutes to talk to her to gain the reward before she disappears. Even if the 5 minutes aren't up, she will disappear upon logout and disconnection. Furthermore, if the mining site is left (i.e. if one were to get another pickaxe because their current one is already gilded), she will not be there on return. A player that loses connection while attempting to receive a reward will not receive a reward.

The golden mining suit is given in sequence: boots, gloves, helmet, trousers, and top. If all five pieces of the golden mining suit has been obtained, the Nymph will offer either to give 2,500 Mining experience, or to gild any pickaxe in the inventory/on the tool belt, other than the dwarven army axe, sacred clay pickaxe, inferno adze and Crystal pickaxe as these cannot be gilded. One should be careful with experience reward if this is not wanted, as when asked about anything apart from gold, experience is rewarded. It might take minutes, hours, or even days to get a single piece of the golden mining suit.

It is no longer possible to obtain duplicate pieces of the golden mining suit. Attempting to drop a piece of the outfit will only bring up the interface to destroy it.




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