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:''This is an alphabetical list of books. For the main article, see [[Books]].''
:''This is an alphabetical list of books. For the main article, see [[Books]].''

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This is an alphabetical list of books. For the main article, see Books.

This lists books which can be placed in inventory or read, in alphabetical order. Most of the quest-related books are made available in the bookcase of a player-owned house.



Also known as POH bookcase?
Abyssal book Abyssal book Abyssal Research Notes 1Yes check
Alchemical notes Alchemical notes 2X mark
File:Ancient tome.png Ancient book The Sleeping Seven 1Yes check
Diary (Horror from the Deep) Ancient Diary ("Diary") 1Yes check
Ancient hymnal Ancient Hymnal 1Yes check
Arena book Arena book Magic Training Arena Lore Book 1Yes check
Astronomy book Astronomy book The Tale of Scorpius 1Yes check
Barbarian skills Barbarian skills 2X mark
Battered book Battered book Book of the Elemental Shield 1Yes check
File:Battered tome.png Battered tome Histories of Hallowland 1Yes check
Beaten book Beaten book Book of the Elemental Helm 1Yes check
Big book of bangs Big book of bangs Big Book o' Bangs 1Yes check
Binding book Binding book Book of Binding 1Yes check
Bird book Bird book William Oddity's Guide to the Avian 1Yes check
Bolrie's Notebook 2Yes check
Book of Char Yes check
Book of folklore Book of Folklore The Myth of the Elder-Dragons 2X mark
Book of 'h.a.m' Book of 'h.a.m.' 2X mark
Book of haricanto Book of Haricanto 2X mark
Book of knowledge Book of knowledge 2X mark
Book of portraiture Book of Portraiture 1Yes check
File:Book on baxtorian.png Book on Baxtorian 1Yes check
Book on chemicals Book on chemicals Volatile chemicals - Experimental Test Notes, Chemistry book from the Dig Site Library 1Yes check
Book on chickens Book on chickens The Origins of the Bird of Evil 2X mark
Book on costumes Book on costumes 2X mark
File:Book o' piracy.png Book o' piracy 1Yes check
File:Book (Shield of Arrav).png Book (Shield of Arrav) 1Yes check
Brewin' guide Brewin' guide 1Yes check
File:Burnt diary.png Burnt diary Armod's Burnt Diary 1Yes check
The great divide Cadarn lineage 1Yes check
Carnillean history Carnillean Family History
Castle wars manual

Castle Wars Handbook

Castle Wars Manual

2X mark

Citadel Handbook (Advanced) Yes check
Citadel Handbook (Basic) Yes check
Hymn book Citharede Hynm Book Yes check
Clan avatars for avatar wardens Clan Avatars for Avatar Wardens
Clan avatars for members Clan Avatars for Members
Clockwork book Clockwork book Clockwork Toys - A Clockwork Mechanism, Chapter 1.0 1Yes check
Cocktail guide Cocktail guide The Blurberry Cocktail Guide 1Yes check
Combination runes (book) Combination runes An introduction to combination runes. 1Yes check
Construction guide Construction guide Guide to Construction 1Yes check
Crumbling tome Crumbling tome Legend of the Brothers 1Yes check
Crystal of seren Crystal of seren Crystal Singing for Beginners 1Yes check
Dagon'hai history Dagon'hai history History of the Dagon'hai 1Yes check
Holy book Book of Balance Unholy book Ancient book Book of War Book of law A Damaged book is an incomplete God book 2X mark
Demonic tome Demonic tome The Confessions of Ellemar 1Yes check
File:Grim reaper diary.png The grim reaper's diary Diary of Death 2X mark
Diary (Rune Memories) My Diary
File:Diary of Herbi Flax.png Diary of Herbi Flax ("Diary") 1Yes check
Dominion journal Dominion journal Dominion Tower Journal 1Yes check
(with all pages)
Doom from a Broom 2X mark
Dragonkin Journals
Journal (Making History) Drozal's Journal ("Journal") 1Yes check
Dwarven lore Dwarven lore The Arzinian Being of Bordanzan 1Yes check
The great divide Eastern discovery The Exploration of the Eastern Realm 1Yes check
The great divide Eastern settlement The Settlement of the East 1Yes check
Economy building for dummies Economy building for dummies 2X mark
Edern's journal Edern's journal Journal of Nissyen Edern 1Yes check
Explorer's notes Explorer's notes Beyond Trollheim 1Yes check
Embalming manual Embalming manual The Little Book of Embalming 1Yes check
Farming manual Farming manual Farmer Gricoller's Farming Manual 1Yes check
Faruq's toolonomicon Faruq's Toolonomicon 2X mark
Feathered journal Feathered journal Feathered Journal of Arthur Artimus 1Yes check
Flying book Flying book 2X mark
Game book Game book Party Pete's Bumper Book of Games 1Yes check
Ghrim's book Ghrim's book Managing Thine Kingdom for Noobes 1Yes check
Gianne's cook book Gianne's cook book 1Yes check
Glassblowing book Glassblowing book 1Yes check
Glough's journal Glough's journal 1Yes check
File:Goblin Book.png Goblin book The Book of the Big High War God 1Yes check
Goblin symbol book Goblin symbol book A History of the Goblin Race 1Yes check
Holy book Book of Balance Unholy book Ancient book Book of War Book of law God books - see Book of balance, Holy book, Unholy book, Book of law, Book of war and Ancient book. 2X mark
The great divide The great divide The Great Divide 1Yes check
File:Grim reaper diary.png The grim reaper's diary Diary of Death, My Diary by Grim 2X mark
Guide book Guide book Tourist Guide to Ardougne 1Yes check
Gunnar's ground
Haemalchemy Haemalchemy 2X mark
A handwritten book (The Prisoner of Glouphrie) A handwritten book Crystal Singing for Beginners (trans. Oaknock) (Transcribed from the original Elvish by Oaknock the Engineer) 1Yes check
The Harmony of the Runes
Herman's book Herman's book Dionysius: A Legend in His Own Lifetime 1Yes check
History of iban History of Iban The Tale of Iban 1Yes check
File:Holy book.png Holy book ("God book") 2X mark
Instruction manual Instruction manual Dwarf Multicannon Manual 1Yes check
Investigator's notebook
Diary (Horror from the Deep) Jossik's Diary ("Diary") 1Yes check
File:Journal (Filliman Tarlock).png Journal (Filliman Tarlock) ("Journal") 2X mark
Last riders The Last of the Dragon Riders
File:Leather book.png Leather book Modern Day Morytania 1Yes check
Lift manual Lift manual AMCE Lift-In-A-Box User Manual 1Yes check
Locked diary Locked diary 2X mark
Lyric sheet Valerio's Lyric Sheet
Mages' book Mages' book 2X mark
Manual Manual Lighthouse Manual 1Yes check
Manual Moonclan manual Basics of Magic 1Yes check
My notes My notes Records from my discoveries beneath the lake, inside title for Scabaras research 1Yes check
Mysterious book Mysterious book 2X mark
Necromancy book Necromancy book 2X mark
Notched book Notched book Book of the Elemental Gloves 1Yes check
Old diary Old diary Expedition Diary - 32 2X mark
Old journal Old journal The Journal of Randas 1Yes check
Old tome Old tome 2X mark
Phoenix shrine The Phoenix 2X mark
Pie recipe book Pie recipe book 1Yes check
Prayer book Prayer book Prayer of Deliverance from Poisons 1Yes check
The great divide Prifddinas' history The Creation of Prifddinas 1Yes check
File:Pyramid Journal.png Pyramid journal Pyramid Journal 2X mark
Queen help book Queen help book 1Yes check
Ragged book Ragged book Book of the Elemental Body Yes check
File:Book (Ratpits).png The Ratpits Manual ("Book") 1Yes check
File:Roddeck's Diary.png Roddeck's Diary X mark2
The Runes of the Spells of Water
Scabaras research Scabaras research My Notes, Archaeological exploration and the cult of Scabaras 1Yes check
Security book Security book RuneScape Account Security 1Yes check
Shabby book Shabby book Book of the Elemental Boots 1Yes check
Shamans tome Shamans tome 1Yes check
Silver book Silver book 2X mark
Sin'keth's diary Sin'keth's diary The Journal of Sin'keth Magis 1Yes check
Slashed book Slashed book Book of the Elemental Shield 2X mark
The Smartest Hill Giant in Lumbridge 2X mark
Soul wars guide Soul wars guide Soul Wars Guide 2X mark
Spy notebook Spy notebook Penguin notebook 2X mark
File:Strange Book.png Strange book 2X mark
Stronghold notes Stronghold notes Stronghold of Security - Notes 1Yes check
Tarn's diary Tarn's diary The Diary of Tarn Razorlor 1Yes check
The Thingummywhat 2X mark
Tightrope 101 Tightrope 101 2X mark
Tome of frost Tome of Frost 2X mark
File:Tome of xp.png Tome of xp 2X mark
Tome of xp 2nd ed Tome of xp 2nd ed 2X mark
Translation Translation Four Diamonds translation, Translation Primer 1Yes check
Translation book Translation book Gnome-English Translation Dictionary 1Yes check
Translation manual Translation manual 2X mark
Turkey book Turkey book Turkey Hide and Seek book 2X mark
Book (Turnip Growing for Beginners) Book (Turnip Growing for Beginners) 2X mark
File:Tzhaar tourist guide.png Tzhaar tourist guide 1Yes check
File:Unholy book.png Unholy book ("God book") 2X mark
Locked diary Unlocked diary - see Locked diary 2X mark
Varmen's notes Varmen's notes The Ruins of Uzer Yes check
Varrock Census Varrock Census Varrock Census - Year 160 2X mark
Void knight book Void knight book

The Void Knights' Creed, History and Tenets of the Void Knights

1Yes check
Void pest research notes
File:Wilderness manual.png Wilderness manual 2X mark
Diary (Witch's House) Witch's Diary ("Diary") 1Yes check

Wizard's diary

Yewnock's notes Yewnock's notes on crystals 1Yes check

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