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A lit black candle is a quest item used during Merlin's Crystal. It is created by lighting an unlit black candle with a tinderbox, allowing it to act as a light source. The black candle can be obtained by trading a bucket of wax with the Catherby candle maker. The bucket of wax is obtained from one of the beehives north-west of Catherby by spraying the beehive with insect repellent and using a bucket on it. This item cannot be substituted with a standard white candle for Construction in a Player-Owned House.


  • Black candles are considered to be unlucky by the candle maker.
  • After the quest it is possible to buy black candles from the candle maker for 3 coins each, as he claims that the player "started a trend" with the black candles, and has begun selling them, despite being considered unlucky.
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