For the teleport item after Pieces of Hate, see Big Book o' Piracy.
Little Book o' Piracy detail

The Little Book o' Piracy is a book that players receive after completing the Cabin Fever quest. Players can click on the book to read it and find out a bit about pirate life (from the pirate view) and pirate slang. The first page of this book reveals that it is "an AMCE product" by Cap'n Hook-Hand Morrisane. This is most likely a pseudonym or relative of Ali Morrisane.

After gaining access to the pirate town of Mos Le'Harmless, players must be carrying this book in their inventory to understand what other pirates are saying. Otherwise, the pirates will respond with a fixed script of incomprehensible pirate slang. After completing the Rocking Out quest, players no longer need this in their inventory to understand them.

Players who have completed Cabin Fever can obtain another copy from bookshelves in their houses. Bill Teach (aboard The Adventurous, docked at Port Phasmatys) will also give them a copy before taking them to Mos Le'Harmless if they do not have one in their bank, inventory or house.



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