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A little toy duck is a stackable item that can be found by digging with a Spade in ten certain spots in the Lumbridge Crater during the Summer Beach Party. Finding all ten ducks will give players the title [Name] the Quackers, and finding all ten along while owning Mega ducklings or having Mod Dolan's rubber duck will award the title, [Name] the Totally Quackers.

The locations of the little toy ducks are as follows.

  1. North-east quarter of the crater, by the grills. 3 steps west from the table trout is added to.
  2. North-east quarter of the crater, by the grills. 2 steps south of the southern most grill.
  3. Eastern side of the crater, around the stage where Reyna is standing. Exactly in the middle between the blue blanket and deck chair.
  4. South-eastern part of the crater next to coconut shy. Directly north of a palm tree (5-6 steps) between the coconut range and the rock pools.
  5. South-eastern part of the crater next to the coconut shies. 2 steps north of the coconut pile.
  6. Southern part of the crater right behind Flo. 1 step east of the palm tree southwest of Flo.
  7. South-western side of the crater by the D&D portals. 3 steps north of the Familarisation portal.
  8. Western part of the crater. South from #9, not far from the bank, 2 steps south of Palmer.
  9. Western side of the crater by the bank chest. 1 step south and 2 steps west from the corner of the bank chest by the sandcastles.
  10. North-west quarter of the crater, by the sandcastle building area. North-east of the Sand Exchange, 1 step northeast of the blue striped deck chair across the fence.
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