The Live Events team are a group of Jagex employees responsible for making the Treasure Hunter promotions and all the other Live Game events, such as the Time-limited events.


Picture Name Nationality Role
Mod B3 Mod B3 N/A
Mod Biscuits Mod Biscuits N/A Senior RuneScape Animator
N/A Mod Campfire N/A Content Developer
Mod Deadly Mod Deadly N/A 3D Artist
N/A Mod Jam N/A Quality Assurance Tester
N/A Mod Kalaya N/A Junior Product Manager
N/A Mod Mohawk British Technical Developer
Mod Nexus Mod Nexus British Technical Developer
Mod Sayln Mod Sayln N/A Product Owner
N/A Mod Sparky Scottish Junior 3D Character Artist
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