"LRC" redirects here. For the monsters of the Living Rock Caverns, see living rock creature.
Worlds Icon The official world for Living Rock Caverns is world 83 (P2P).
Living Rock Caverns
Living Rock Caverns
Release date 17 September 2009 (Update)
Kingdom Asgarnia
Members Yes
Main music Living Rock
Levels 1
Strongest monster Living rock patriarch
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here None
Inhabitants Living rock
Living Rock Caverns map

The Living Rock Caverns is a members-only area that was added on 17 September 2009. The area was designed for players with high levels in Fishing and Mining.

There are no quest or skill requirements necessary to enter this area. However, it is a dangerous area, as aggressive level 92 living rock creatures guard the resources, so training skills here may very well be interrupted regularly and dangerous. Wearing the magic golem outfit or fury shark outfit will cause the creatures to be tolerant.

For players of low combat or wishing to spend a long time in the cavern, it may be advised to train with other players on the official Living Rock Cavern world 83.

Getting there

The Living Rock Caverns are found below the Dwarven Mine beneath Ice Mountain, near Falador. Defensive armour is recommended, as the living rock creatures are aggressive and high-levelled. There are several main ways to get there:

Living rock caverns

The image on the RuneScape home page on the day of its release.


Farli's Camp

Farli chathead

In the central part of the cavern Farli has set up camp. There is also a handy pulley lift. Players can use this device to deposit items directly into their bank, kind of like a deposit box. Players can deposit all of an item quickly by using an item with Farli's lift and pressing the 'all' option in the chatbox, or four on their keyboard. Topside, the lift's ropes face east/west. Bottomside, they face north/south. This is where Farli resides and where players will appear when you enter the dungeon from the Dwarven Mine. Here is also a rope that you can climb back up to the Dwarven Mines. A Summoning mini-obelisk is just outside the entrance to the caves; a little east by the two iron rocks.

This area is a safe zone, as the monsters will not attempt to chase after players. However, living rock strikers can still attack the player from afar.


Mining in the Living Rock Caverns requires levels 73, 77, and 80 for living rock remains, concentrated coal rocks, and concentrated gold rocks, respectively. The concentrated gold and coal rocks are special rocks that can yield up to two ores at a time, and when wearing Varrock armour, can yield up to three ores at a time. Mining double ores provides double experience, like the extra ore using the Varrock armour.

Collapsed mineral deposit

A collapsed mineral deposit. It cannot be mined until the slab of stone blocking access to the minerals is cleared.

The official world for mining here is world 83. This can be useful for avoiding taking too much damage from the various creatures that live in the dungeon, especially for lower level players. However, the large number of players moving about can make the world unplayable for those with lower-end bandwidth due to lag / game stuttering. Mining with graphics in "Safe Mode" or "SD" (Standard Detail) may help (see Graphic options).

Mining LRC remains

A player mining living rock remains.

Other "rocks" found in the cavern are the remains of the living rock creatures. These are found directly after a kill. The remains are minable by the player who killed the creature immediately, and by other players after a one minute delay. The remains contain between 5 and 20 living minerals which can be traded, sold, or used for bait when fishing rocktail. Players receive 25 mining experience for mining living rock remains.


Two types of fish can be caught in the Living Rock Caverns: cavefish and rocktail. Attempting to cook raw food on Farli's spit-roast yields the message "It would be a bit rude to do that while Farli is cooking here."


Cavefish requires a fishing level of 85 and give 300 experience per catch using a fishing rod and fishing bait. Cavefish heals 2200 life points each (up to your maximum life points) and give a +2 boost to either Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged or Magic. Cavefish requires a Cooking level of 88 to cook for 214 experience.


Rocktail requires a fishing level of 90 and gives 380 experience per catch using a fishing rod and living minerals. Rocktails heal 2300 life points and can heal up to 10% higher than a player's maximum life points, making it among the best single-bite foods in the game. Rocktail requires a Cooking level of 93 to cook for 225 experience.

Eating the fish raw using the Bunyip's Swallow Whole scroll does not currently give the special bonuses.


The caverns are home to the living rock creatures. The caverns are populated with living rock protectors and living rock strikers, both level 92 monsters and use melee, along with ranged for the latter. They can be assigned as a potential slayer assignment by Kuradal. In addition, a level 95 living rock patriarch spawns erratically every two hours which can be killed for a small range of guaranteed loot.

Unlike other monsters, the living rock creatures only start their spawn timer when their remains are successfully mined. However, due to the low price of living minerals, it is typically not worth mining their remains and instead simply kill more living rock creatures, since they will automatically despawn after a set time.

These creatures are not aggressive if wearing the full Magic golem outfit or the shark outfits.


  • This area has unusual fishing spot sizes. Cavefish fishing spots are 1x1 like most other fishing spots throughout the game, while the rocktail fishing spots are 2x2.
  • If the remains are left unmined, the living rock protectors and strikers have the longest respawn times for non-boss monsters.

Music unlocked

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