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Living minerals are mined from dead Living Rock Creatures in the Living Rock Caverns. When the creatures die, they leave behind Living rock remains which can be mined. Minerals from a creature another player has defeated can only be mined after a minute has passed since the creature's death.

They require level 73 Mining to mine and give 5-24 stackable Living minerals and 25 Mining experience. The most common range is 7-15 Living Minerals with anything above or below being uncommon or rare.

Living minerals are used as bait along with a Fishing Rod and 90 fishing to fish for Raw rocktail. Rocktail fishing spots are only found in the Living Rock Caverns.


Living minerals Living minerals
Mining level Mining 73
Source Living rock remains
Experience (per ore)
Mining 25 XP
Equipment 2.95 XP
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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Living rock patriarch951–14Always
Living rock protector925–24Always
Living rock striker925–24Always


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