Living rock remains
Living rock remains
Release date 17 September 2009 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Living Rock Caverns
Examine I should be able to mine these for living minerals.

Living rock remains are left after the Living Rock Creatures in the Living Rock Caverns are killed. They require level 73 Mining to mine, giving 5-24 Living minerals (bait for fishing Rocktail) and 25 Mining experience, regardless of both the type of Living Rock Creature and the quantity of Living minerals mined.

Living rock remains can be mined if someone else kills the Living Rock Creature, but players must wait 1 minute to do so. The best place to do this is in Worlds 77, 84 and 88 because of the mass amounts of people mining Concentrated Gold and Concentrated Coal. These worlds can also be good worlds to fish Rocktail and Cavefish.


  • As long as it remains, the Living Rock Creature will not respawn.
  • If the combat abilities Dismember and/or Slaughter were in effect while it dies, it'll occasionally take an extra hit splat of "1" and turn into a pile of Bones.
  • If you are wearing a Ring of recoil or have the Vengeance/Reflect while it dies it'll instead display "You are unable to reflect damage back to this creature." in the message box.
  • The examine text remains the same even if the player cannot mine them due to having a mining level under 73.