For the item used in New Varrock, see Lockpick (Dimension of Disaster).
Lockpick detail

A lockpick is an item that members can use via the Thieving skill to open locked doors more easily. Some locked doors even require a lockpick to open them.

Players can obtain a lockpick by killing rogues, by picking bandits' pockets (with level 53 Thieving), or by buying it from another player. They can also buy them from Martin Thwait's Lost and Found in the Rogues' Den, but they must have at least 50 Thieving and 50 Agility to do so. After completing Buyers and Cellars (and the capers From Tiny Acorns and Lost Her Marbles), they may also be bought from Dodgy Derek in the Thieving Guild. They can also be obtained by looting a Young impling jar. There is a spawn near the end of Yanille Agility Dungeon in the small room containing the pile of rubble that has to be climbed before fighting Salarin the Twisted. To access this room, a player must have either 67 Agility to cross the monkey bar, or 82 Thieving and a lockpick to open the door in the basement of the house beside Yanille bank.

The lockpick may also break when used (only in some cases), so it is advised to bring a number of lockpicks when picking locks that can break the lockpick. Alternatively you could bring a hair pin, they do not break but they can not be used on chests either. The Master thief's lockpick reward from safecracking remedies both problems.

Another use for lockpicks is creating a Dungeoneering lock melter, which requires 70 Invention.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Dodgy Derek's Dirty DealsThieves' Guild20Coins 5Coins 2Yes
Martin Thwait's Lost and FoundRogues' Den20Coins 5Coins 10Yes

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Young implingN/A1Common
Exiled kalphite worker751Uncommon
Rogue91Very rare

Uses of lockpicks


  • A triplet of doors that lead to the training chests in the thieves' guild
  • A gate leading to a small mining area in Ardougne Sewers
  • A door in the second floor of Ardougne Castle
  • Two doors near the East Ardougne marketplace
  • Pirates' Hideout in deep (level 72-74) Wilderness
  • Entrance to Yanille Agility Dungeon from the basement of the house beside Yanille bank (requires 82 Thieving)
  • Entrance to Castle Wars (teleportation only)
  • Entrance to the Ghostly warrior hut (level 73 wilderness, only after Spirit of Summer)
  • A door in Legends' Quest
  • A chest in Desert Treasure
  • A jail cell door in King's Ransom


  • The Hemenster arrow chest requires a lockpick to open
  • All chests in Dorgesh-Kaan require lockpicks to open
  • Increases success when thieving from Zogre Coffins
  • The 3 Southern Chests in the New Thieving Guild in Lumbridge
  • Since Ogre coffin keys are around 10 times more expensive, you can pick the lock of the coffin with one of these. Be warned, this is very likely to break your lockpick.
  • Only one Lockpick is required for the Desert Treasure quest, but most players will fail so the lockpick breaks. Many players need 30+ lockpicks to open the chest.



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  • The sprite for a lockpick is not actually a lockpick, but more closely resembles a torsion wrench.
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