Log balance
Log balance
Release date Varies (Update)
Members Yes
Quest no
Location Varies
Examine Varies
Log balance icon detail
A log balance is one of the many Agility shortcuts that are available to members found throughout Glienor as well as a common obstacle in many of the agility courses. This obstacle can be failed, resulting in the player swimming to a nearby shore and taking some damage. The level at which a player stops failing the log balance is different for each log.


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Reason: Missing LP damage from failing and levels at which you stop failing. Also check for missing Log Balances throughout Glienor
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Agility requirement Location
Level 8 River crossing to Al Kharid
Level 20 Coal truck mining site log balance
Level 31 Draynor Manor log balance to Champions' Guild
Level 33 Ardougne log balance shortcut
Level 45 Isafdar shortcut near the Elf Camp (Multiple in the area)
Level 48 Log balance to Fremennik Province
Level 80 Cross cave, south of Dorgesh-Kaan