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The current RuneScape login screen.

The current RuneScape login screen image.

A Login server is one of the 8 servers available in RuneScape that verify a player is valid, active, and not logged in elsewhere, after entering a username and password. A user may log in with a unique RuneScape account, or through Facebook, by connecting your Facebook account with RuneScape.

The login screen appears as the player prepares to log in. The username and password is sent to one of the login servers for verification before allowing the player to play the game on a game server.

During login server maintenance, there will be a one-eighth chance that any given player will not be able to sign on, as accounts are randomly assigned to one of the individual login servers. Even if there are multiple accounts using one IP address, some accounts from that IP address may be able to log in, and others may not be able to, due to different login server assignments.

Sometimes, when a game server crashes, you will be unable to immediately login again. This is due to the log in server showing your account as still actively logged in to the game server, thus refusing a second simultaneous log in. Normally, when you click to log out, the game server sends a message to the login server saying you have logged out. However, when a game server crashes, this message may not be sent, and your account is not reported as logged out to the login server. Once the crashed server is back online, it can report you as logged out, and you can then log on again.

Login screen

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An Error that may be received when the Login Server is having problems

26 November 2013 loading screen

  • The images of flames depicted on the old login screen (before the login screen update) are known as the flames of Lloigh-enn and are said to "require a spell recited most precisely, that is different for each individual who wishes to pass through."[1] "Lloigh-enn" is based on "log in" and the "spell" recited is the player's password.
  • The original flames of Lloigh-enn would briefly form the shapes of the rune symbols every few seconds. However, while holiday updates were in effect, these would be replaced with seasonal objects (pumpkins and crescent moons on Halloween, and snowmen and snowflakes at Christmas for example).
  • The login screen sometimes shows NPCs walking outside their normal areas (e.g. Zaff walking around Varrock square).
  • Before an update which removed the timer between switching worlds, the log in timer could start again from 40 or 30 after reaching zero. This usually happened when the login timer reached zero at the same time as the animated background re-loaded.
  • The people on the login screen before RuneScape 3 were the Signature Heroes: Ariane, Ozan, and Sir Owen.
  • The previously used loading background where found in the cache updated with a logo RuneScape 3 but those were never used.


  1. ^ Zamorak. Issue 23 - Zamorak Considers Some Issues. God letters. Jagex Games Studio. 2004-08-17. (Archived from the original on 2010-01-24.) "what is the fire on the login page called? ... The flames of Lloigh-enn are an often rumoured, almost mythical, barrier between various dimensions, that require a spell recited most precisely, that is different for each individual who wishes to pass through. I am surprised a mere mortal has heard of them, let alone encountered them in person; I had thought them long since extinguished..."*

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