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A long bone is a non-tradeable bone dropped by monsters that drop big bones, such as giants, ogres, and trolls.


The long bone's primary use is to be sold to Barlak, a Dorgesh-Kaan cave goblin, for 1,000 coins and 1,500 Construction experience. This requires completion of the quest Death to the Dorgeshuun, level 30 Construction, and the purchase of a player-owned house. Note that during some parts of the quest, The Chosen Commander, players will not be able to sell long bones to Barlak. After the quest is completed, Barlak will be interested in purchasing items again. Experience gained for selling long bones is affected by the Constructor's outfit, Sculpting chisel, and any stored bonus experience the player has.

Long bones can also be buried and give the player 15 Prayer experience, the same as big bones. This is not recommended, and if a player who has completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest attempts to bury them, a warning tells the player that "someone" might be willing to buy it. Long bones can also be used on an altar in a player-owned house, used at the Ectofuntus or cremated; the warning message will not appear if the bones are used in these ways. In any case, the Prayer experience bonuses apply as if the player had used big bones.


Although there are many monsters that drop long bones, they are fairly rare. There are a few common ways that players obtain long bones. Hill giants and moss giants are the most commonly killed monsters because they are abundant, have a low combat level, and have a decent drop table for profit on the side. Desert Lizards can also be efficiently killed because of their low combat level, especially when using a stab weapon. Some players find long bones by killing river trolls and rock golems in the Enchanted Valley. This requires partial completion of the quest Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen. Long bones also have a chance of spawning as floatsam on an Uncharted Isles within The Arc.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Aquanite (elite)1041Rare
Cave horror771Rare
Cave horror (elite)861Rare
Chaos Giant1261Rare
Corrupted dust devil1071Rare
Crocodile40; 771Rare
Crocodile akh1151Rare
Cyclops57; 63; 68; 911Rare
Dagannoth guardian981Rare
Dark beast1051Rare
Dark beast (elite)1141Rare
Enclave guard811Rare
Fire giant851Rare
Ganodermic beast1121Rare
Giant Mole (historical)761Rare
Giant frog441Rare
Giant mole2301Rare
Giant skeleton (Shadow Dungeon)841Rare
Gorak74; 951Rare
Gorilla akh1111Rare
Hill giant441Rare
Ice giant511Rare
Ice troll84; 891Rare
Ice troll female681Rare
Ice troll grunt681Rare
Ice troll male681Rare
Ice troll runt531Rare
Kree'arra210; 5801Rare
Mature grotworm981Rare
Moss giant28; 51; 611Rare
Mutated jadinko guard961Rare
Mutated jadinko male1001Rare
Nail beast42; 84; 981Rare
Ogre56; 67; 861Rare
Pit ogre1021Rare
Ravenous ghoul1051Rare
River trollN/A1Rare
Rock GolemN/A1Rare
Suqah73; 74; 791Rare
Terror dog61; 651Rare
TokTz-Ket-Dill (monster)64; 1001Rare
Troll spectator651Rare
Unspeakable horror1051Rare


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