Lord Alexei Jovkai chathead

Lord Alexei Jovkai is a vyrelord of House Jovkai. As a true-born vampyre, it is presumed he originated from Vampyrium.

During the Lord of Vampyrium, Jovkai attends the meeting marking the arrival of Lord Lowerniel Drakan with his blood tithes:

He disguises himself as a human child named Lex in order to dupe an adventurer into retrieving his lost toys for his children. Despite being a Vyrelord, Lord Jovkai is more polite to the player and is thankful for the return of the lost dolls stating that the "children" will be happy. This is due to Jovkai Vampyres having a preference for the taste of love, they genuinely care for and about their blood tithes to make them feel comfortable and beloved before mercilessly slaughtering them behind closed doors.

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