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Lord Ieuan Amlodd is the leader of the Amlodd Clan of elves. He can be found at the Amlodd Clan district in the north west part of Prifddinas off the western path. He is clad in blue robes as well as varying animal pelt and bones. His outfit is styled around the skills in which his clan is specialised, Summoning and Divination. He also gives access to a summoning shop and will swap summoning pouches for spirit shards at the same rate as Bogrog. Having completed the Hard Tirannwn achievements will make Lord Amlodd swap pouches for roughly 10% more shards.

There is currently a bug where the interface and chat messages will still show the old return values after completing the Hard Tirannwn achievements.

Players can do a task for him, I'm Forever Washing Shadows, which is a requirement for both the completionist and the master quest cape.

Civil war and restoration of Prifddinas

After the Prifddinas coup orchestrated by Lord Iorwerth, Lord Amlodd hid in exile, waiting for the time when his brethren would strike a counterattack to reclaim the city, as most of the other clan leaders did. Amlodd chose to reside in the Spirit Plane.

During the events of Plague's End, the adventurer is tasked with gathering the hiding clan leaders together. Lord Amlodd is returned to Gielinor when the player creates an Amlodd Pouch and uses it to summon him from the Spirit Realm. Amlodd shows that he greatly enjoyed his time in the Spirit Realm, but that he would prefer to see the Elven City restored and so joins Arianwyn's counterattack.

During The Light Within he can be spoken to together with Lady Hefin to inform the player where to find the Seren shard of wisdom.

Concept art of Lord Amlodd.