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Lord Piquan Crwys is the leader of the Crwys Clan of elves. During the beginning of the Elven Civil War, when Lord Iorwerth tried to kill the different clan elders, Lord Crwys went into hiding. Because of his affinity with trees, he disguised himself as a random tree in Isafdar.[1] However, during this time, both the Poison Waste and the corruption of the Dark Lord began to sicken him in his form and during Plague's End the adventurer must cure him with a plant cure to revive him.[2]

After Plague's End, he can be found in the western part of the Crwys district of Prifddinas close to a bank chest and the herb/bush patches.

During The Light Within, Lord Crwys is part of the elven council and eventually Seren is restored during the quest. Together with Lady Meilyr he can inform the adventurer how to obtain the Seren shard of harmony.

He is the author of "Song of an Exiled Tree" from The Voice of the Elders, which is a series of haiku poems.



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  2. ^ Lord Crwys, "Plague's End", RuneScape. "The gnomes have polluted the wasteland with their substances, but it is more than that. There is... an insidious rot... I believe it is what some have called... the Dark Lord."
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