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Lores and Histories is a compilation of tomes kept by Reldo, the Royal Librarian of Varrock. The lores are all restored tomes that tell the story of RuneScape's past, whether it be through folklore or the diary of an adventurer.

Some of these are verified to accurately express histories of RuneScape, while others are mythologies related to true people and events in which the accuracy is not guaranteed.


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Title Author Released
Gnomic Negotiations Luke M
A True and Concise History of the Discovery of the Runes Luke M
Spirit of the Pass Luke M
The Legend of Arrav Luke M (Part I)
(Part II)
(Part III)
29 May 2007 (Part IV)
Tumeken's Dream Stephen R 27 March 2007
The Fall of Six Stephen R 24 July 2007
Eulogy for a Forgotten Hero David O 19 September 2007
The Excellent Log of the Journeys and Tribulations of Samuel Scourduel Luke M 31 January 2008
The Chasm of Lights John A 12 March 2009
A Call to ARMS David O 15 July 2009
The Coat Thief John A 9 September 2009
Daemonheim Asunder Michael W 5 July 2011
The Song From Before The War John A 28 October 2011
Twice Burnt David O 6 January 2012
A Return to Stone William D 10 February 2012
The Rimebound Letters William D 20 April 2012
The Mermaids and the Dragon David O 24 May 2012
The Rising Sun - Ozan's Tale Stephen R 21 September 2012
The Burning Tower - Ariane's Tale John A 28 November 2012
Worth Comes in Battle Ben H 21 December 2012
Roots in the Community William D 11 May 2015
The Old Blood William D 8 September 2015


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