This article is about the NPCs. For the Dorgeshuun quest, see The Lost Tribe.

There are two lost goblins wandering the Observatory Dungeon. Players are unable to talk to or attack them, so they are simply present — much like Naghead and Wagchin, also in the Observatory Dungeon — to add effect. While walking, they constantly complain about how lost they are.

There are ten different statements:

  • "Which way should I go?"
  • "These dungeons are such a maze."
  • "Where's the exit?!?"
  • "This is the fifth time this week. I'm lost!"
  • "I've been wandering around down here for hours."
  • "How do you get back to the village?"
  • "I hate being so lost!"
  • "How could I be so disoriented?"
  • "Where am I? I'm so lost."
  • "I know the exit's around here, somewhere."


  • These goblins speak proper English unlike most other goblins.
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