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Lucifurr is a cat found in Menaphos. Lucifurr appears on Tuesdays at one of six possible locations.

Lucifurr gives additional dialogue if the player is wearing a catspeak amulet or a cramulet.

Journal descriptions

Before being found and petted
Has developed a successful weekly hunting ritual.

After being found and petted
Also known as 'The Micebringer'. A real anti-authoritarian.



  • Its name is a play on the words "Lucifer" and "purr".
  • "Micebringer" is play on "Lightbringer", which is alternative name for Lucifer.
  • When spoken to, it makes a variety of offers, including power and knowledge, in exchange for a soul. It also claims to have studied under High Magister Oreb and read the entirety of the Grand Library of Menaphos.