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Will and Phil take care of this saw machine!

The Lumber Yard is a location northeast of Varrock. It is accessible to free players, however to use its features, you must be a member. Its main feature is the Sawmill operator, who is located in a small room along the yard's south-west wall. He is involved in the Construction skill: He can turn logs into planks for a fee, and he also sells bolts of cloth, three kinds of nails, and saws.

Players cannot enter the Lumber Yard through its main gate, nor can they enter the Sawmill operator's room. There is a hole in the yard's west wall, where members can enter the yard, or players can use the Lumber Yard Teleport got from completing Treasure Trails (any level), Other than curiosity, players typically enter the yard for one of these reasons:

  • Cutting down a dying tree in the Lumber Yard is an easy Varrock achievement.
  • A clue scroll requires players to search a crate in the yard.
  • In the Gertrude's Cat quest, the player must find Fluffs and her kittens in the yard. Fluffs is found on the first floor and her kittens are in a jiggling crate on the ground floor.
  • Several Logs spawn in the yard, which players can gather for free. (Players outside the yard can take some of the logs using the Telekinetic Grab spell.) One of the log spawns looks red (rather than brown like ordinary logs). However, if you pick up the red logs they will turn brown in your inventory.
  • Occasionally, players can find a penguin for Penguin Hide and Seek in the yard; it would be disguised as a crate.

The Sawmill with its Sawmill training operation is a separate complex located along the south-east wall of the Lumber Yard.


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