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Lumbridge Fishing Supplies

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Lumbridge Fishing Supplies exterior.png
Release date 17 September 2009 (Update)
Members No
Minimap icon Fishing shop map icon.png
Location Lumbridge
Owner Hank
Specialty Fishing supplies
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Lumbridge Fishing Supplies is a food shop that sells fishing supplies. It is run by Hank. It is located north of Lumbridge Castle. It is the only fishing store in RuneScape to stock crayfish.


The Battle of Lumbridge

The following takes place during Battle of Lumbridge and Lumbridge Rebuildathon.

Hank's shop, ruined after the Battle of Lumbridge.

The shop was damaged greatly during the Battle of Lumbridge when Saradomin and Zamorak returned to Gielinor at the start of the Sixth Age. Hank, the owner, fled his house when he heard a large rumbling, and witnessed his neighbour, Explorer Jack, fleeing from his own house, which then collapsed. Hank then helped Jack to his feet, and his shop soon met the same fate as Jack's house.

Hank considered himself lucky to have survived, and continued to sell fishing supplies that he had obtained from the wreckage. His shop was rebuilt by Foreman George, his crew of builders, and a bunch of adventurers as part of the Lumbridge Rebuildathon.


As of an update on 26 June 2017, this shop will restock at 00:00 UTC, in addition to its normal time based restocking.

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Small fishing net.png Small fishing net (Free) 1 0 coins 0 309 309
Crayfish cage.png Crayfish cage (Free) 1 0 coins 0 283 283
Small fishing net.png Small fishing net 5 40 coins 12 309 1,345
Fishing rod.png Fishing rod 10 5 coins 3 523 5,180
Fly fishing rod.png Fly fishing rod 10 5 coins 3 116 1,110
Crayfish cage.png Crayfish cage 10 20 coins 6 283 2,630
Fishing bait.png Fishing bait 1,000 3 coins 1 5 2,000
Feather.png Feather 1,000 6 coins 3 13 7,000
Raw shrimps.png Raw shrimps 0 6 coins 2 526 0
Raw sardine.png Raw sardine 0 10 coins 3 614 0
Raw herring.png Raw herring 0 16 coins 5 675 0
Raw anchovies.png Raw anchovies 0 16 coins 5 640 0
Raw trout.png Raw trout 0 20 coins 6 382 0
Raw pike.png Raw pike 0 25 coins 8 636 0
Raw salmon.png Raw salmon 0 92 coins 30 508 0
Raw crayfish.png Raw crayfish 0 5 coins 1 406 0
Feather pack.png Feather pack 5 15,000 coins N/A 26,000 55,000


  • A week after the Rebuildathon had ended and the shop had been rebuilt, it reverted to its ruined state due to a bug, although Hank retained his post-repair dialogue. This was fixed with the next update, but the release of Up to Snow Good also returned some rubble to the shop's interior, making the shop inaccessible due to the debris blocking the way to Hank. Additionally, a second Hank had appeared next to the original one.