Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Release date 14 March 2005 (Update)
Kingdom Dorgesh-Kaan
Members Yes
Main music Cave of the Goblins
Levels 1
Strongest monster Giant frog
Dwarf multicannon allowed Allowed
Quests taking place here See below
Inhabitants Cave goblins, frogs, insects and slime
Lumbridge Swamp Caves map

The Lumbridge Swamp Caves are a member-only, dangerous cave system located beneath the Lumbridge Swamp. It is home to a variety of slayer monsters and is also known as the "slayer cave", although there are also some friendly faces within.

Players can net fish for frog spawn in these caves. This requires level 33 Fishing. Players may also fish for slimy eels and cave eels. Players will need 28 Fishing to catch slimy eels and 38 to catch cave eels. Right click on the fishing spot to select either net fishing or bait fishing.

To enter, players should bring a light source (preferably not an 'open' light source like a candle), rope, a spiny helmet (purchased from slayer masters), antipoisons or super antipoisons is recommended. If players enter the caves without a light source bugs will rapidly bite them hitting 10-100 and can kill the player quickly depending on their life points.


The main entrance to the caves is south of Lumbridge, between the water altar and the mining site. This is the most commonly used entrance. For the first time only, you will need a rope and a light source to enter. The minimap highlights the location of this entrance with an icon: Dungeon map icon. A spiny helmet/slayer helmet/full slayer helmet is very useful when using this entrance, as there is a wall beast in between the entrance and the rest of the caves.

The basement of Lumbridge Castle houses another entrance to the caves, though players must have started The Lost Tribe quest to use this route. First break through the loose wall in the south-east corner of the cellar, then go south and mine through the wall there. Players need not wear a spiny helmet if they simply wish to visit the Tears of Guthix Distraction and Diversion, as there are no wall beasts on the path there. You may want to be a level of at least 97 (beast levels are up to 119 bringing food is highly recommended).

Another less common way to reach the caves would be using the teleport option of the Wicked hood to travel to the nearby Water Altar, lying close to the entrance.

Yet another way to enter the caves is via the Games necklace teleport option to the Tears of Guthix Distraction and Diversion. Follow the path from the Tears of Guthix northwest to the Cave Entrance, and you will enter the Lumbridge Swamp Caves in the Giant frog cavern. A light source and either a spiny helmet or any variant of slayer helmet may be needed if travelling to other locations in the cave.

Swamp gas

Some areas of the cave contains swamp gas, which is highly flammable. In the instance that the player is in an area with swamp gas with an open light source, a message will appear in the text box, telling players that their light source flares brightly. It then ignites the gas and causes an explosion shortly afterward, extinguishing the light source in the process. This does around 100 to 200 damage to your life points, depending on the player's Constitution level. However, if players are quick enough, an explosion may be avoided by simply leaving the room with the swamp gas.

Lumbridge Swamp Caves entrance location

This only happens when the player has an open light source, like a lit candle. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that players have a Bullseye lantern or a Seers' headband.


The following monsters are found in Lumbridge Swamp Caves:

  • Big frog - level 36, a smaller and weaker version of a giant frog.
  • Cave bug - level 7 Slayer required.
  • Cave crawler - Level 10 Slayer required. These can poison players, so antipoisons or super antipoisons are recommended.
  • Cave goblin - These are goblins which live underground.
  • Cave slime - Level 17 Slayer required. These are poisonous walking blobs of slime, which are Slayer assignments. They also drop level 1 clue scrolls.
  • Giant frog - Level 44. The toughest monster in these caves, although they are not aggressive.
  • Rockslug - Level 20 Slayer required, bags of salt needed to kill.
  • Wall beast - Level 35 Slayer required, spiny helm needed for protection from attacks (there are holes in the wall where the beasts can attack you).
  • Insects, attacks if a player does not have a light source, after some seconds. They will quickly reduce life points, 1-10x3 life points in one second.
    Swarm damage

    Damage from the insects does very quick damage (about 25-35 a second with 70 Constitution).


The following non-player characters are found in Lumbridge Swamp Caves:

  • Juna - the guardian to the Tears of Guthix cave

During The Mighty Fall

During The Mighty Fall, a number of high-ranking Bandosians occupy the caves trying to locate the Dorgeshuun.


The following quests involve Lumbridge Swamp Caves:



  • If you speak to a cave goblin and you don't have any light source, while you have a chat he will give you a lit torch.
  • For some reason if you do not have a lantern and the bugs attack you the hitsplats are the same colour as a hitsplat damaging another person (with a normal attack).
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