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Luminous energy is a type of energy associated with the Divination skill. It can be collected from Luminous wisps, located south of Sophanem, at level 90 of Divination. Each harvest of a Luminous wisp yields 22 Divination experience if an Enriched luminous memory is harvested, and 11 Divination experience otherwise. Luminous memories can be converted to Luminous energy for 1 experience each, with the exact amount of energy per memory depending on your Divination level.

Level Conversion rate
Standard Enriched
90 3.2 4.8
91 3.45 5.18
92 3.7 5.55
93 3.95 5.93
94+ 4.2 6.3

One luminous memory and 5 luminous energy can be converted for 52.5 experience, while one enriched luminous memory and 10 energy can be converted for 105 experience.

Boon? GE Price Normal XP Enhanced XP Additional XP GP/XP
No 265 42 52.5 10.5 126.19
Yes 265 46.2 57.7 11.5 115.22


Image Product Requirement Energy Secondary Experience
Boon of luminous energy.png Boon of luminous energy Divination90 Radiant energy 1.png2000 or Luminous energy 1.png2000 None 21
Divine rocktail bubble.png Divine rocktail bubble Divination91 Luminous energy 1.png80 10 Raw rocktail 21
Portent of item protection.png Portent of item protection Divination92 Luminous energy 1.png60 4 Prayer potions 21.3
Divine runite rock.png Divine runite rock Divination94 Luminous energy 1.png80 6 Runite ore 22
Boon of incandescent energy.png Boon of incandescent energy Divination95 Luminous energy 1.png2250 or Incandescent energy 1.png2250 None 23
Divine charge.png Divine charge Crafting80, Divination80, Smithing80 Luminous energy 1.png350 20 Simple parts 80 (and 220 Invention)


Level Initial resource Energy Result Exp. Profit/loss
93 3 Yew logs.png yew logs 2 Luminous energy 1.png Magic logs.png Magic logs 21.7 -651

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Divine implingN/A80–121Always
Amlodd workerN/A2–6Common
Divine impling jarN/A80–121Common
Nex: Angel of Death70003152Common
Nex: Angel of Death7000500–800Common
Divine implingN/A50–151Uncommon
Divine impling jarN/A50–151Uncommon
Telos, the Warden20001150–9870Varies
Divine eggN/A49–55Very rare
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