Machines are a branch of the Invention skill, serving as counterparts to devices. Machines were introduced with an update on 18 September 2017.

Machines are built in the formerly blocked off back portion of the Invention Guild. Upon reaching 60 Invention, Doc will offer a short optional tutorial on machines (which can be skipped at any time after starting).


Machine hotspot

A machine hotspot.

Generator and charge

The first machine built is the generator. Only one generator can be built, though it can be upgraded twice. The generator converts divine charges into 'machine charge' and distributes this to all the other machines in the guild.

The generator also has a maximum power allotment, and each machine uses some amount of this allotment. Upgrading the generator provides more power, and upgraded versions of the other machines require more power. New machines can only be built if there is still enough power available for them; you can check this by hovering over the energy icon in the building interface or checking the generator. Having all 5 tier 2 machines would require a total of 260 power, and since the Jumbo generator only provides 160 power, it is not possible to have all 5 tier 2 machines built at once.

Downgrading machines give experience as the lower tier version again, but will use additional materials.


Machines are built on hotspots in the Invention Guild basement. There are 6 hotspots and any of the machines can be built in any of the hotspots. One can build multiple copies of a single machine. Building machines costs a significant number of materials.

Once built, machines can be upgraded (using more materials) to a more powerful version that processes more, but also costs more power allotment and machine charge to run.


Machines perform their associated action automatically at every hour, on the hour - the 'machine tick'. They run even when the player is offline. Each machine processes a different amount of actions per hour, at a specific cost of machine charge (and sometimes extra items). The inputs are processed into outputs at the machine tick.

Machines will continue to process for as long as they have machine charge and input items available, and as long as there is space in the output slots.



The generator shows how much machine charge and power allotment is used and available. Machine charge can be replenished with divine charges - 3000 machine charge per divine charge.

Machine hotspot interface

The Machine hotspot interface

Machines have three input slots, which accept all items relevant to the machine - though items of over 500,000 Grand Exchange value each cannot be input, nor can augmented items. Items are processed from left to right, signified by a highlighted square around the item that will be processed at the next machine tick.

The bar in the center shows the total machine charge available in the generator, with the small marking showing how much the machine will require to fully process all of the inputs.

There are three output slots, where the processed items will be placed, with an estimation of how long it will take to process everything (until either charge or inputs run out).



Generator Level XP Power
Simple generator 60 4,250 100

30 Connector parts
100 Smooth parts
100 Simple parts
30 Metallic parts

Large generator 80 5,250 125

30 Precious components
100 Delicate parts
100 Clear parts
100 Base parts

Jumbo generator 102 6,350 160

15 Powerful components
50 Precious components
50 Metallic parts
80 Magic parts


Machine Level XP Power
Capacity Running
Automatic hide tanner 93 2,950 25

50 Needle
3 Protective components
100 Deflecting parts
100 Padded parts

10,000 225 machine charge per hour 45 Tans all types of hides into leather with no coin cost.
Optimised hide tanner 111 6,800 50

100 Thread
10 Protective components
10 Evasive components
100 Cover parts

30,000 840 machine charge per hour 140
Partial potion producer 90 2,875 20

15 Living components
125 Smooth parts
250 Clear parts
250 Organic parts

3,750 75 machine charge per hour
1 Vial of water per herb
13 Turns clean herbs into unfinished potions.
Does not benefit from the scroll of cleansing.
Partial potion producer DX 114 6,950 50

30 Healthy components
30 Living components
100 Base parts
250 Clear parts

13,000 210 machine charge per hour
1 Vial of water per herb
Plank maker 99 3,100 30

10 Saw
10 Direct components
150 Crafted parts
150 Simple parts

2,500 225 machine charge per hour 13 Turns logs into planks with no coin cost.
High capacity plank maker 117 7,100 65

20 Precise components
20 Sharp components
30 Living components
300 Crafted parts

7,500 600 machine charge per hour 40
Alchemiser 72 2,425 20

5 Imbued components
125 Delicate parts
250 Clear parts
250 Magic parts

1,500 45 machine charge per hour
5 Fire rune per item
1 Nature rune per item
8 Casts High Level Alchemy on inputs.
Alchemiser mk. II 108 6,650 55

10 Fire battlestaff
10 Imbued components
10 Pious components
100 Spiritual parts

5,000 150 machine charge per hour
1 Nature rune per item
Auto disassembler 60 4,250 30

5 Direct components
100 Base parts
100 Head parts
200 Simple parts

7,500 180 machine charge per hour 35 Disassembles input items.
Uses the player's current junk reduction.
Auto disassembler mk. II 81 5,300 40

10 Sharp components
100 Head parts
200 Tensile parts
200 Flexible parts

13,000 230 machine charge per hour 60


Cumulative requirements

The material requirements to build both tiers of a machine (three tiers for generator) at once.

Machine Material
Jumbo generator 100 Base parts, 100 Clear parts, 30 Connector parts, 100 Delicate parts, 80 Magic parts
80 Metallic parts, 100 Simple parts, 100 Smooth parts, 15 Powerful components, 80 Precious components
Optimised hide tanner 50 Needle, 100 Thread, 100 Cover parts, 100 Deflecting parts
100 Padded parts, 10 Evasive components, 13 Protective components
Partial potion producer DX 100 Base parts, 500 Clear parts, 250 Organic parts
125 Smooth parts, 30 Healthy components, 45 Living components
High capacity plank maker 10 Saw, 450 Crafted parts, 150 Simple parts, 10 Direct components
30 Living components, 20 Precise components, 20 Sharp components
Alchemiser mk. II 10 Fire battlestaff, 250 Clear parts, 125 Delicate parts, 250 Magic parts
100 Spiritual parts, 15 Imbued components, 10 Pious components
Auto disassembler mk. II 100 Base parts, 200 Flexible parts, 200 Head parts, 200 Simple parts
200 Tensile parts, 5 Direct components, 10 Sharp components

Output and maintenance

A divine charge costs 120,683 coins and provides 3,000 machine charge, so each machine charge costs the same as a single charge: 40.23 coins. The output and cost of each machine (including secondary ingredients such as vials of water, nature runes, and fire runes) are listed below:

Machine Items per hour Machine charge Secondary ingredient(s) Cost
Per item Hourly Per item Hourly Per item Hourly
Automatic hide tanner 45 5 225 - - 201 9,051
Optimised hide tanner 140 6 840 - - 241 33,791
Partial potion producer 13 5.77 75 1 Vial of water 13 Vial of water 328 4,265
Partial potion producer DX 40 5.25 210 1 Vial of water 40 Vial of water 307 12,288
Plank maker 13 17.31 225 - - 696 9,051
High capacity plank maker 40 15 600 - - 603 24,137
Alchemiser 8 5.63 45 1 Nature rune, 5 Fire rune 8 Nature rune, 40 Fire rune 1,426 11,410
Alchemiser mk. II 25 6 150 1 Nature rune 25 Nature rune 646 16,159
Auto disassembler 35 5.14 180 - - 207 7,241
Auto disassembler mk. II 60 3.83 230 - - 154 9,252
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